Dr. Chuck Pierce & Pastor Dutch Sheets

Dr. Chuck Pierce

Charles D. “Chuck” Pierce serves as President of Global Spheres, Inc. (GSI) in Corinth, Texas.  This is an apostolic, prophetic ministry that is being used to gather and mobilize the worshipping Triumphant Reserve throughout the world. Chuck has a degree in Business from Texas A&M, Master’s work in Cognitive Systems from the University of North Texas, and a D. Min. from the Wagner Leadership Institute.

Pastor Dutch Sheets

Dutch Sheets is an internationally recognized author, teacher, and conference speaker. He travels extensively, empowering believers for passionate prayer and societal transformation. Dutch has pastored, taught in several colleges and seminaries, and served on the board of directors of numerous organizations.


Monday Night Session: October 27, 2003 - Dr. Chuch Pierce

Let’s give thanks to the Lord for Iowa. Every state has its own redemptive plan from God. Each state has a peculiar and particular redemptive plan from God, and Dutch Sheets and I have come here to find out prophetically exactly what God has for Iowa.

In the summer of 2001, I heard a word from the Lord that we, as a country, were entering into a time of war. And I wrote a book called, “Future War of the Church”, which really explains how we’re going to move forward in the days ahead. So, during that time, I was really seeking the Lord. From May through July, I went through some physical struggles over the trauma that I knew our nation was heading into, during the shifting time of Rosh Hashanah, in September of 2001.

And I gave a word from the Spirit of God on September 16th. One of the things that I try to do is, once the Spirit of God speaks, to watch after the words that HE says and one of the reasons for having gatherings like this is to raise up a “Watchman anointing” in every territory, so that you’re watching after the destiny that God has for you. That word had an interesting connotation in it when the Spirit of God began to speak through me. And HE talked about emptying the pockets of this nation… how HE was going to be bringing us into a place of humility as a nation. And then HE said, “Don’t fear the emptying of the pockets of our nation, because I have sufficient supply that I will release once the pockets are empty.” Then the Lord went on to say, “Fear not, for now is the time that MY people will take a standing a new way, and even though your feet feel like they are going to slip, they will not. And I say ‘Fear not, for I will extend calls throughout this land to rise up apostolic prophetic teams in each city of this nation. I have stored up sufficient supplies for such a time as this within the cornfields of the nation.’”

And I thought when you hear the prophetic word of the Lord come forth, you ask yourself, “Now what was that? What did that mean?” So, right then, I began to pray for the states that are known for growing our nation’s corn supply.

He went on to say, “The corn-belt states are going to rise up and learn a new way of releasing.” You know, when God speaks prophetically, it’s for a time ahead. So I knew those were the states that, at a certain point in time, HE would look to for the release of the supply that our nation needed for the future.

I believe that when God speaks prophetically, and then brings you to the place that HE’s been speaking about, that prophetic word takes action. And this is what HE said, “You will release food. You will release funds. And you will release revelation for times that are ahead.” Now look to somebody sitting next to you and say, “We who live in Iowa will be a revelatory people.”

And so, I knew that by the time we got here, this prophetic word would become significant. And it would be a changing or shifting time. So that, from this meeting, we would start seeing an economic change in our nation. There will be a shift in the economic system, but it’s a sign for this particular state. As you go into your next level of depth with the Lord and prepare to release, from this region, needed revelation will be released for the Body of Christ… and needed supply will be released for the Body of Christ. And, just as in the days of Joseph, we will probably start a seven-year season. Sometime in the future, we’ll probably look back at this moment and see that, as a nation, we began a seven-year economic season. And yet these corn-belt states entered into an anointing of creativity to take resources, multiply them, and release them into this nation in a whole new way. So I believe that it’s very important for us to be here right now.
Another reason that we are touring each state is that the Lord says in Ephesians, chapter 4, some are to be called to be apostles, pastors, teachers, and evangelists, but there are gaps between these offices as they are being practiced. We’re so busy doing reconciliation in the Body, which is necessary. However, the gifs of the Spirit are not being practiced in such a way as to link one office to another. When the Lord lifted me up, in 1998, and had me look down, He said, “Look at the gaps between the gifts in MY Body.” And He showed me these great gaps between the apostles and the prophets, the prophets and the pastors, and then HE showed me that the evangelists for the future cannot rise up until we have dealt with these gaps. And one of the things that HE said is for us to connect strategic intercession with apostolic leadership. So now we look in every region for the intercessors, the watchman, and the prophetic people, and cause them not only to be liberated, but also to see and focus on the apostolic strength of a region and a territory in order to help guide, influence, father or nurture, and establish that which is necessary, and to be sure that things are moving forward in the right way. And so, it’s always important that we recognize and honor apostolic leadership in the states to which we’ve come.

Here in Iowa, in the days ahead, you are about to be broken open in a way like never before. [A cell phone rings, and Chuck Pierce checks his phone to make sure it isn’t for him, while people begin to laugh in the background.] I had to do that… You know, I have so many kids that I have to look down to see if it’s one of them wanting something.

I’ll tell you this one story before Dutch comes to speak. And it sorta goes together with what I am saying. The first lesson is the Lord taught HIS disciples after John the Baptist got his head cut off was the miracle of the bread and the fish. Since John the Baptist, who was the last prophet of the Old Covenant, and gotten his head cut off, that meant that there was going to be a new administration or a new covenant. And a new whine skin was rising up. The old way was gone and we can’t go back to it. The Lord said, “I gotta teach these guys who are gonna be leading things some key lessons.” So the first thing HE taught ‘em was how to break bread and how to multiply their resources. That’s the exact same thing that God is saying to Iowa.

A lot of times we don’t understand what we are going through until it’s time for us to understand it. And that’s going to be very significant this year with how God is going to start raising things up through us.

I was lying on the couch one day when the Lord spoke to me and said, “I want you to have another child, and I want his name to be ‘Isaac’.” And we had Isaac, because HE said, “I’ll restore your joy and laughter.” Well, at the beginning, Isaac wasn’t a real laughter type child. But, but this year, God has really done a big work in him.

Pam, my wife, took the kids on this mission trip down into the Big Ben National Park in Texas. Well, when she got back, I met them as I was coming back from somewhere. And she said, “Things just went great! This was the most incredible trip we ever had!” She had all of our kids, all of the youth group, and other people with her. She said, “We didn’t have any problems except one.”

And she said, “Isaac, you tell dad what happened.” So Isaac said, “Well, I forgot to take my wallet out of my pants when I got in the river.” Now, that wasn’t unusual… to me, except that he kept going on with his story. And he said, “Uh… And it had my “Six Flags” season pass in it. And it had $76.00 in it. And so you’re gonna have to replace that, because I think we need to go to “Six Flags” again before the summer’s out. And I know you can come up with $76.00 for me.”

And I sat there, and I said, “You know that I could do that. But I’m not gonna do that. Matter of fact, the only way you’re gonna be able to get that wallet back is for us to go pray and ask the Lord to bring it back to ya’.” Well, even when I said it, it sounded crazy. I mean, it’s Big Ben National Park, in a river somewhere. You know, and so I said, “Let’s just do our part. I’ll go, and we’ll pray together, and then mom will do whatever she can do.” Because the more I talked about it, the crazier it sounded, and the more unbelief I got into.

And so she said, “Well, I’ll tell you what I’ll do. I’ll call the ranger down in Big Ben National Park, and I’ll get him to keep an eye out for your wallet.” Well, that even sounded crazier. You know how that sounded.

So we got down to pray, and I said to Isaac, “Well, you pray first, and then I’ll pray.” And so he got down.

And he said, “Lord, I just come to you right now, because I have lost my wallet. It’s in Big Ben National Park. And my dad will not help me in any way.” You know… And he said, “This wallet is black, and it’s got red flames on it. It’s got $76.00, and it’s got my “Six Flag” pass in it. And, Lord, I feel like I need to go to “Six Flags” again. And so, this time, it’s just me and YOU Lord because dad won’t help me. So you’re gonna have to find this wallet in the river in Big Ben National Park.” I mean, when he got through prayin’ all I could do was to say, “Amen.” When I left out of the room, I said, “I cannot believe this. I mean, Lord, what in the world are YOU gonna do with this? ‘Cause I mean he was just as confident, bold, and his typical self. You know…

So, we’re standin’ up in Minnesota’s “Fifty-State Gathering” when all of a sudden my phone rings. And Dutch has spoken a big anointing, and I’m up there speaking. And my phone rings, and it’s Isaac. And he said, “Dad, you won’t believe this. They found my wallet! The game warden called, and he found my wallet in the river, in Big Ben National Park. Can you believe that?” And I said, “Absolutely not!” And he said, “Now tell me, when are you gonna take me to “Six Flags”? All of this is going on in front of Minnesota.

Now, I’m saying this for a reason: If God can find that kid’s wallet down in a river bank, in a park that big, there’s resources hidden here that HE can find. Look at your neighbor and say, “We’ve got resources that are about to be uncovered.” Now, to do that, you gotta get out of unbelief. That kid didn’t have any unbelief when he prayed. And so we’ve got to get this layer off us now.

There’s one more verse I want to give you before Pastor Dutch comes. And it’s out of Micah. It’s a verse God gave me, for us, as we came here. Micah, chapter 4, verse 10. I believe it’s a promise for us here. Verse 9 and 10… and I felt like it was very specific for Iowa.

Now, why do you cry aloud? Is there no king in your midst?
Has your counselor perished? For pains have seized you like a woman in labor. Be in pain and labor to bring forth, O daughter of Zion.
Like a woman in birth pangs. For now, you shall go forth from the city. You shall dwell in the field.”

And the Lord spoke to me, and said, “Now, when you go to these states, I’M going to start an anointing to release and bring forth what has been conceived that has never been fully brought forth before.” And HE said this, “You shall dwell in the field, then to Babylon, you shall go.” And the Lord also said this to me: “When you come to Iowa, you’re going to pray for Iraq. And from Iowa, there will be a shift in Iraq that will begin to come as you stand and pray.” HE said, “Once you get to the field, then from the field, go to Babylon and declare that which is still working in evil in the midst of that nation. There will be a supernatural shift. The Church will rise up. Harvest work will begin to take place. Supplies will be released from Iowa, beginning in the field, and Babylon will start changing.”

So let’s stand up and pray: “Now, Father, we thank YOU that YOU have brought us here tonight. Lord, we thank YOU that YOU have brought us here tonight not just to this state, but YOU have brought us out into the field to bring forth what has been conceived. Lord, YOU brought us out into the field to start the birth pains for our nation and for the future.”

And the Lord would way to you, “The birth pains will begin here in Iowa. I say, even the birth pains, for the course that this nation will take, will now begin. However, I say to you that you have a voice, but your voice is not resounding and being heard the way that I would have it heard. You have revelation, but you’re not communicating your revelation. You have supply, but you’re not taking advantage of your supply. So I would say that I AM starting the birth pains here in Iowa, for the future,” Saith the Lord. “I say, begin to pray for the harvesters to arise from Iowa. And as you pray for the harvesters to arise, in four months, you will see the harvest in a new way. For I AM releasing a plan in this state to cause this harvest to be seen. And it will even be traced back into this state,” saith the Lord. “And I would say that from this state, Babylon will begin to change. For I will make a supernatural connection from the cornfields, the supply from this state that will change the course of the Church in Iraq,” saith the Lord. “I say, do not look at the confusion that is going on in the land. For here in Iowa, you will have a supernatural authority to defeat Babylon in the days ahead.”

Now, Father, we pray right now for the military and for the government. We pray for a plan to arise. We ask for a birthing to occur of the plan and the order for the future. We pray it will come forth now, O Lord. And Lord, we say, let the Church arise in Iowa, and we decree that the Church will arise in Iraq, because from Iowa, which is the field, Babylon must change.

Now let’s just thank God. Just give a hand to thank the Lord for what HE’s gonna do. Yes, Lord! Yes, Lord! Yes, Lord!

Now, while you’re standing, I want you to turn and pray over someone, and I just want you to decree over them that a new strength and a new joy is rising up within them; they’re becoming strong here in Iowa, and exploits will come forth. Now pray with someone and declare that their fish will multiply and their loaves will be broken and multiplied. Declare that now is the time for new strength and release in this state.

Now, Lord, we thank YOU for the multiplication that’s beginning. We thank YOU for what’s being broken open. We thank YOU for the birth pangs that are starting. We thank YOU, Lord, that we will see the harvest in Iowa. Amen. Amen. Amen.

Monday Night Session: October 27, 2003 - Pastor Dutch Sheets

It’s always exciting when the word of the Lord begins to flow. In fact, I’ve just come to the point where I’m extremely bored when that doesn’t happen. Because I think that, when we don’t have the prophetic mantle stirred up and operating, we have at least a fifth of Christ’s anointing that we’re missing. And it seems to be the anointing that releases in a way that catapults us into the purpose of God for that moment. I think about 2/3 of what we do in the Church is really the plan of man. And I think that the prophetic anointing, whether it’s through prophecy, such as what’s happened tonight, or the prophetic ability to get our thoughts and insights from the Lord. But whatever the case, or however it comes, until we tap into that, we’re building with human wisdom alone. And, hopefully, that’s about to change. It is changing in some circles… I know. And it can change with us too. Amen?

This assignment to us is very serious. We believe that God said to us, “If you’ll go to these states, it will come together. And I will give you a victorious breakthrough over every state.” We determined that we would go, and we would not just pull out our latest, hottest, best. But we would hear from the Lord for each state and be very diligent about that. It’s been extraordinary what God has said and done in these states.

Sometimes the word comes to me first, and Chuck jumps in and begins to prophesy. He may jump up and begin to prophesy, and we may just go back and forth. But sometimes, he’ll get a word from the Lord about a state, and he’ll just say, “You need to speak on this or that.” And I have learned not to question it.

We were up in Alaska, and he prophesies over the state of Alaska, “Alaska is MY alpha and omega state.” And I fly into town; he’s prophesied that in the prayer time, earlier in the day, and I get there and we’re around a table talking about the meetings and just about to leave for the service. And he says, “You need to speak on Alaska being the alpha and omega state.” And I said, “I don’t have the foggiest idea what God meant by that… ‘Alpha and omega state’… and I don’t have a message on alpha and omega.” And he doesn’t care if I have a message or not.

His attitude is: “Just get it! Get it! Get it!” He’s a prophet. Prophets don’t fake. Prophets have no mercy at times. Prophets just do and say, and they border on the weird side more often than not. The scary thing of it is, He’s rubbing off on me, and it’s terrifying me. My intercessors pray for me more these days.

But he said, “You need to speak on that.” And so, all through the worship segment, I’m thinking and feverishly writing down my thoughts, “What would it mean to be the alpha and omega state?” So I meditate on that, on the verses that talk about that facet of God’s personhood, what it means to be the Ancient of Days, and started trying desperately to hear from the Lord to plug that into what it would be to represent that. And the Lord began to give us insight. Oh! I tell you, it was so incredible, and we learned so much from that experience.

We learned that, if you go west of the main land of Alaska, there’s an island that’s part of Alaska, but it is on the other side of the International Dateline. So Alaska is the state that has both the beginning and the end of a day. In fact, Alaska has yesterday, today, and tomorrow in it. ‘Cause if you’re over here, then over on that part of Alaska, it’s tomorrow. If you’re over there, looking this way, it’s yesterday. And wherever you are in Alaska at any given moment, for you, it’s always today.

And then the Lord started talking to them about their past, their present, and their future. HE was connecting what happened in the past, and how that was figuring into this word, with what HE wanted to tell them about the future. And then HE said, “Tell them to move forward into tomorrow, not into yesterday.” HE literally took that state and jerked them out of where they’ve been.

They had been in a cycle of stagnation, of living in the past, while God was trying to move them into the future. It was amazing how the prophetic word of the Lord just catapulted them into the new and shifted things away from the past.

And I suppose that’s why I wanted to say this to you, because the word of the Lord shifts things. I don’t fully understand how; I just know that it’s the character of God. When HE speaks, something happens. When HE speaks through HIS Word… when HE speaks through the prophetic… whenever God speaks to you, something changes. Now, when you think something or get information through normal means, things don’t necessarily change. But when the revelation of God comes to you, something changes.

That’s why we’re here. We believe the word of the Lord is coming, and it’s already beginning to flow… and something is going to change in Iowa. It’s not because I’m here, not because Chuck’s here, not because Francis is here, but it’s because we, God’s people, are here, and HE is meeting with us. Therefore, something is gonna change. HE’s not gonna waste this opportunity! HE just isn’t! And we’re here at God’s time. I know that in my heart. I just know that this is the time for Iowa. This is the exact time that God wanted us to be here.

So, Lord, would YOU just help us now as we move into the Word, to say very succinctly, and yet very clearly what YOU want said just so that we can set the table. Lord, I feel like my assignment tonight is just to set the table, so that we can prepare the way for you to do fully what YOU to do fully what YOU want to do. Lord, we want to get our faith engaged right now. And we do begin to release our faith. Because YOUR people have gathered here together, YOU can do anything. And YOU can literally shift the heavens over the state of Iowa.

The Word of the Lord can liberate, transform, point the way, break through barriers, pull us out of the past or move us into the future, align or realign position or reposition, restore, heal, mend, or make a way. So Lord, we stir up the prophetic mantle of Jesus in this room right now. We stir up the apostolic strength and order and government of God. And we say, Lord, YOU can do whatever YOU want to do. We ask YOU to do just that. We ask YOU to change things. In Jesus’ Name we pray. Amen.

Open please, your Bibles to Matthew 16. I heard the Lord say very clearly today, “I’M about to open the heavens over Iowa.” Now, we’ll just have to see fully what that means. But I know when God speaks to me for these states, it’s been miraculous how HE shows us what HE wants to do.

I feel like I need to begin talking to you about revelation, because the windows of Heaven have just opened in a new and profound way. I knew that things were going to shift this year in the Body of Christ, at the Feast of Tabernacles. I knew that one of the things that was going to happen was that revelation was going to increase.

And the revelation that begins to flow for here is not just for here, but it’s going to influence the nation and the nations. Isn’t it amazing, that in little, old, tucked away Iowa, where nobody would think a whole lot about it, God starts saying, “I’M going to shift what’s happening in the Middle East and Iraq from the cornfields of Iowa.” I mean, go figure… Just go figure… But that’s what HE said. Either we receive the prophetic word and believe it, or we’re just gonna trash it. But that’s what HE said. Something is going to happen here that is going to shift things clear over there.

Well, I know in my heart that it is connected to the Spirit of revelation that has been release. In fact, let me just say this… Tabernacles was all about revelation, and it was called the Feast of Illumination. It was also called the Feast of the Open Book. One of the interesting things about the feast was that they had to live in these booths or tents outside. And they even had to have at least one side of it open. In other words, it was the concept of living under an open heaven.

Now, I didn’t even associate that thought with what HE said to me today until just now. “I’M about to open the heavens over Iowa…” And I’m tellin’ you that much of this has to do with revelation. When revelation begins to open… when the heavens open in this way, EVERYTHING changes! I’m talkin’ EVERYTHING CHANGES!

And so it was the Feast of Open Heavens… It was the Feast of the Open Book where they would read the Book of the Law. It was known as the Feast of the Open Book and the Feast of Illumination with the lights and the glory of the Lord… It was the Feast of the Restoration of the Glory of the Lord. It was during this feast that the Glory of the Lord came into Solomon’s tabernacle. And they couldn’t stand to minister, because the Light, the Glory, the Weighty Presence of God came into that Temple. It was at the Feast of Tabernacles when Haggai made his prophecy, “I’ll fill the House with Glory and the latter Glory will be greater than the former Glory.” And then it was at the time of Tabernacles, again, that Jesus talked about “Rivers of Living Water” coming out of our inner most being.

Well, listen to me… The Feast of Tabernacles was the only one of the three major feasts that had not received a literal, historical, fulfillment in the earth. Passover was at the Cross. Pentecost was in Acts chapter two. But there’s never been a historical time, season, or event in which Bible scholars believe that it was the fulfillment of the Feast of Tabernacles. I believe, and am still convinced, that the Lord said to me, “This year, at the Feast of Tabernacles, the Church is moving into the fulfillment of everything that this feast represents, one of which is revelation.

Now, Matthew 16:13…
When Jesus came into the district of Caesarea Philippi, HE began asking HIS disciplines saying, “Who do people say that the Son of Man is?” And they said, “Some say John the Baptist, others Elijah, and still others, Jeremiah or one of the prophets.” HE said to them, “But who do you say that I am?” And Simon Peter answered and said, “Though art the Christ, the Son of the Living God.” And Jesus answered and said to him, “Blessed are you, Simon bar Jonah, because flesh and blood did not reveal this to you…”

That is the word, by the way, revelation, there, apocalypse, apocaloupsis, or apocalupto. It means to unveil something or uncover what has been hidden. And so we get the word “apocalypse” from it. The book of the Revelation, or the Apocalypse…

HE says, “Blessed are you, because flesh and blood did not unveil this to you, but MY Father who’s in Heaven…”

Now, God wants to move you into a spirit of wisdom and revelation. Not just wisdom, and not just understanding, not just that which comes through study, but also a spirit of revelation. And HE says, “You’re blessed because the Father revealed this to you.” And I also say to you, “You are Peter, and upon this Rock I will build MY Church, and the gates of hell shall not over-power it. I’ll give you the keys to the Kingdom of Heaven. And that should be translated this way: “I’ll give you the keys to the kingdom of the heavens.” Plural… HE’s not talking about the Third Heaven, where God lives. HE’s talking about the key of authority to do business in the heavenlies. And if you look that up, you will see that it’s plural and in Greek. And it’s really saying, “I’M gonna give you the keys to the kingdom of the heavens, or the heavenly places. I’M gonna give you the authority to operate in the heavenly realm.”

But I’m gonna say to you that those keys come through the Spirit of revelation. You only learn to operate in the heavenlies with the keys to really change things, opening the heavens, doing something in the heavenly realm that impacts earth. It begins with revelation. And HE says, “That’s how we’re gonna build the Church.” We’re gonna build it through the Spirit of revelation that comes through the Christ. And this is what the gates of hell won’t prevail against.

Now, the gates of hell have no difficulty prevailing against your and my good ideas… That’s why so often we do see the gates, the plans, the schemes, the entry points, if you will, with gates representing points of access where things go in and out, or not allowed to go in and out. The gates of hell have no problem prevailing against man-made ideas, strategies, and implemented programs. And one of the reasons that we’ve seen so much anemia, or lack of power, in the Church and lack of ability to shift the heavens, or lack of ability to penetrate and open the heavens over a region is because we haven’t learned to move into the place of revelation where the Father can unveil things to us and then move us there.

Sometimes, I think some of our good ideas, those which seem good by human standards, not to be sarcastic, are really born in hell. Because I think the enemy will literally give us plenty of good ideas that look like they’re gonna bear fruit and make sense to us so that we’ll just get busy implementing our good ideas and not be motivated to get revelation from heaven. We must penetrate the heavens with that which is of the Spirit. Now, are we on the same page so far?

I believe that we’re just gonna break through the revelation. We’re just gonna break the heavens, shatter some things up there, and get ‘em open. And when we all leave here, and God’s finished, we’re all gonna be moving in a realm of revelation that we didn’t move in before.

You know, I’ve been preachin’ on this for a while. And I’ve been saying there’s coming a new release of it at the Feast of Tabernacles. And then Chuck comes along at our conference about a week, week and a half ago, and every year, he studies the Hebrew calendar. And he tells us what the number of that year means. In the Hebrew, sacred calendar, it’s the year 5764. And 5764 means something just by the number. And you can often look at that and see prophetically in the Sovereign, Omniscient, incredible plan of God what that year will mean prophetically. And so what do you think “5764” means? It means the understanding of mysteries… and the understanding of divine secrets and revelations. And so, here we are preaching this. And here we are moving into this fulfillment of this feast, and we move into the very year, the sacred year, of Israel that actually means understanding of divine mysteries and the secrets of God. I’m tellin’ ya, it’s the season of revelation. That’s how HE builds the Church. That’s how HE positions us so that the gates of hell can’t prevail against us.

[Matthew 16:19]
Whatever you shall bind on earth shall be bound in the heavenlies.
That’s what it really says.
And whatever you loose on earth shall be loosed in the heavenlies.
Then He warned the disciples to tell no one that HE was the Christ. Now, if we just skip right down to verse 21, HE sta5rts teaching them and says, “I’M gonna go to Jerusalem, by the way, and I’M gonna suffer many things. And they’re gonna take ME and kill ME. And I’M gonna raise from the dead on the third day.”

At that moment, Peter took HIM aside and began to rebuke HIM. Now, isn’t it amazing how quickly he moves from revelation right back into flesh and soul? Peter reminds me of me. He stepped right out of the Spirit and right into the natural again. He stepped right out of that place where the Father was revealing things to him, and he began to think as a human being. It’s so easy to do, isn’t it? I mean, you don’t have to be evil to do this. You just have to be human.

I want you to know, that’s a very strong word there. It’s the word that’s used in the New Testament for rebuking demons. I mean, this is worded very accurately in my translation here. It shouldn’t be read that He began to correct or enter into dialog with Jesus. I mean, it says that “He began to rebuke him.” You know, most of the time, Jesus is pretty patient and gentle with these guys. But there are other times when HE just had to deal with the situation differently. And HE said, “You know, I’M sorry, but you’re the one that needs the rebuke because you’ve entered into a realm here where demons have started talking through you. So I’M gonna rebuke the demon. It’s not in ME Peter; it’s in you.” HE said, “You are a stumbling block for me.” Verse 23; “For you’re not setting your mind on God’s interests, but mans.” Now that’s very powerful.

See, when we move out of the place of revelation, and we begin to move back into a man-centered theology, a man-centered mode of operation, man-centered building projects and activities… When we move out of that place of revelation and begin to operate from the soul and our own intellect and understanding, then we move into that realm where demons can influence us just as easily as our own mind influences us.

Now, when HE says, “You’re not setting your mind on God’s interests, but man’s,” He uses a word here for mind (making reference to the entire soul) that is not the typical word for mind, which refers to the intellectual portion of the soul. A literal definition of the word Jesus uses here may be: to think, using emotions and the individual will. So if you put all of those components into that (the thinking part, the affections or emotions, and the will), you will have the three parts of the human soul; the mind, will, and the emotions. What HE really said to Peter was, “Peter, you moved out of the realm of revelation, and you moved from the Spirit into the soul.”

Now, a couple three years ago, God started saying to me, “I want to teach you how to change the atmosphere.” And I really didn’t know what HE meant. And over the next several months, probably even a year or so, HE walked me through a process where HE began to explain it and sow me what HE meant by shifting or changing the atmosphere and how to do that.

And let me just jump ahead and say, “It all revolves around revelations,” because that is the beginning point. We are going to change the heavenlies over Iowa, because we are moving into a new place of revelation. I want to say this to you, and Chuck touched on this; there is a facet of the prophetic anointing for the Lord that is operating here in Iowa. There is another dimension of the prophetic that you have not yet broken through, but we’re gonna do some things in the Spirit to help break this state loose into the prophetic realm of the anointing.

HE asked if we can do that. Of course we can do that! Of course we can! We do it by appealing to the Lord and moving into a place of prophetic declaration and prophesying it in the Spirit. Through our agreement and declaring the Word of the Lord, it just releases something into the heavenlies. And just like you would lay hands on a person, and impart the gifts of God to them, the corporate anointing lays hands on a region and releases the gift of God.

And so my goal, by the time we’re finished tomorrow, is to have a break=through in the Spirit where this region of the nation, primarily consisting of Iowa, but I feel like God is linking these states together and is going to break through into anew prophetic mantle of revelation; open heaven. Boy, I’m tellin’ ya this’ll be glorious.

First Samuel, chapter 3 talks about break-through in revelation. SO this is where we are. Therefore, let’s just see what happened here. We’re moving into the transition, which… I’ve never put it all together before now.

But I just found out a week ago that, at the beginning of the Feast of Tabernacles, what they would do would be to read the first two or three chapters of 1 Samuel, and they would dissociate the birthing that came through Hannah and her travail with this season. Or maybe it was a few days before the Feast of Tabernacles, but somewhere in there, they would read this.

Well, it’s really where we are too. This whole section of the book is all about revelation. And it’s what God was bringing Samuel into in order for HIM to bring a complete restoration and transformation of Israel. I mean the leadership was going to be transformed. The nation was going to be transformed. They were gonna shift to HIS time, into the Davidic order of worship. And in all this, Samuel was the one who inaugurated much of this.

But chapter three and verse one of 1 Samuel says the boy, Samuel, was ministering to the Lord, before Eli. And while the Word from the Lord was rare in those days, visions were also infrequent. Now, when it says here that words from the Lord were rare and visions were infrequent, this phrase, visions here, being infrequent, is an interesting phrase; the word, vision is from the word “kazon,” and it means any form of revelation that comes from God.

If you look up the word, you will find that it comes from a root word meaning to see, and so, some of the definitions of this word were “prophecy, oracle, dream, vision, revelation.” Any time God comes and reveals something to you, whether you’re meditating on the Scripture and beginning to receive revelation that way, or you have a dream and God begins to speak to you that way, through prophecy, or you’re out in worship when God begins to download to you as the worship takes place, it doesn’t make any difference. The context, or how it happens, it is a kazon. Something God has revealed.

And what this verse says literally then in the place of that phrase, when it says that they were infrequent, the literal translation of that phrase is that kazons from the Lord were rare, because there was no break-through in the realm of kazon or revelation. So a literal translation would be, “Words from the Lord were rare, because there was no break-through of revelation.” Or you could say it this way, “Revelation could not break through.”

And I’ve always been convinced of this. When we’re really not hearing from God clearly, it’s usually not because HE’s not speaking. Now there are times when the sin of a region, or a place, could be so rampant that God chooses not to speak. But more often than not, it’s that we don’t’ know how to listen. Our lifestyles, and things that we are doing in the way we operate, keep God’s revelation from getting to us.

You can be in a room filled with revelation and one person might get great revelation, while somebody next to him not get anything. Because for the second person, that realm of revelation is somewhat closed off, and there’s no break-through for him or her.

What God is saying to us, and for this state, right now, is, “I want to shift things, so that Words from the Lord become prevalent, and there is great break-through in the realm of revelation. The prophetic anointing of MY Spirit… the prophetic anointing of Christ begins to break loose, across this region, to where the Word of the Lord begins to flow like a river. The heavens and the Book are opened.”

It’s a feast of illumination, where dreams and visions become prevalent. The prophetic Word of the Lord begins to be explosive, and words of knowledge begin to break-out here and there, with words of wisdom breaking forth. Strategies from heaven will come. And you’re gonna know how to do things in a day that you’ve been wondering for years how to break through. Some of you are gonna wake up in the morning, and you’re gonna understand how to build the vision. The vision will become clear all of a sudden. God is going to download blueprints to you even in the night seasons while you sleep. You’re gonna wake up and grab pen and paper, because the revelation of God is gonna be flowing. Song writers, psalmists, and worship leaders keep note pads by your bed, because you’re gonna dream the Word of the Lord. I’m telling you, people are going to being to be delivered in their sleep.

You say, “How is this gonna happen?” I don’t know, but I prophesied this a few weeks ago, and I said this revelation that’s coming, there is a Spirit of deliverance that’s gonna happen, and people are gonna be set free through revelation that comes to them in the middle of the night.

A lady come up to me and said, “I want you to know this happened to me a week ago.” She said, “In my dream, I was pulling something hideous out of me. I went to the sink, and I began to pull an ugly cord up out of my mouth.” And she said, “I pulled it out and flushed it down the drain.” She said, “I woke up, completely freed from the wounds of my past. God delivered me in my sleep.”

There is coming a great break-through in revelation. And when it comes, then the purposes of God will begin to move forward at a much more accelerated pace. We don’t try this and try that and then stumble on to something that works. We move into revelation, and God downloads to us from heaven the plan for how to break through over a region. We penetrate into that place of an open heaven, and there we receive the strategy of God.

And all of a sudden, where for decades or centuries, the gates of hell have prevailed, they don’t prevail anymore. That’s why there’s gonna be breakthrough in Iraq, because revelation is goin’ to begin to flow. And the prophetic forerunner breaker anointing is gonna penetrate the heavens over there. But God said, “You’re gonna send that Spirit of break-through over there.”

Now, when this happens for us, it’s going to begin to happen for the unbeliever. Because when the heavens open, the heavens just open. We are influenced by it, and revelation begins to come to us. And we will begin to see more clearly. But I’m tellin’ you right now that unbelievers will to. The veil of darkness… the veil of deception… the veil of false religion… the veil of centuries of idolatry and strongholds in the minds of man are going to be broken through as it were in a day of the travail of the birthing of the Spirit of God.

Then the prophetic decree of the Lord goes forth, and the atmosphere above changes. The veil lifts, and people begin to think differently by the Spirit of God. Are you hearin’ me? BY the Spirit of God, not by persuasion, not by fancy preaching, and not by this plan or that plan. Now, I believe in planning, but what I’m saying to you is when the heavens of revelation open, people will begin to think differently.

This is gonna happen for your family. And this is gonna happen for prodigals. I’m telling you, we are moving into a season where the prodigals are comin’ home. Prodigals are comin’ back. Get ready for it. They are sitting in the pig-pen, and the Spirit of revelation is coming to them. They shall remember the Father’s house, and they’re gonna say, “What am I doing here?” The Scriptures that they knew in Sunday school, and what was prayed over them when they were tucked in bed; these thoughts are goin’ to come alive within them by the Spirit of God, because of an open heaven. And they’re gonna begin to think clearly and say, “If I just go back to the Father’s house, I could be eating plenty. I could have the robe of righteousness and all that I need.” They’re gonna run to the Father’s house. And I’m gonna say right now, one key ingredient that’s going to cause this is the Spirit of revelation. The heavens are being opened, and there is a breakthrough of revelation.

See, we’re a lot like Samuel. When it starts to happen, we go, “Who was that? What was that?” We go to the carnal system, and they can’t hear it. And finally, at least Eli had the sense enough to say, “Well, it’s God! Just answer HIM, and say, ‘Here am I.’” And when you read on down in that passage, it says the reason he couldn’t discern that it was the Voice of the Lord is, because it says that the Voice of the Lord had not yet been revealed to him. He was not yet moving in revelation. He was not yet at that point.

By the time you get to the end of this chapter, he is moving in such a revelation that the process of restoration begins to occur in Israel. And it says that the shift of leadership begins to take place.

One of those fascinating verses in the Word, to me, is said about Samuel that “None of his words fell to the ground.” He began to speak by such revelation. Filled with the Spirit of God, under the prophetic unction of God, that no longer did his word have no effect, no influence, or no ability to break through, but they went HASHOOM!!! None of them fell to the ground. They all went into the heavens and did something there. This is how things are restored, you see, — this is what we move in that breaks through the gates of hell.

Now God’s startin’ to do this to me. I start preachin’ this stuff, and the Lord said, “I’M gonna do it with you.” And I thought, “Good!” I need this. I’m tired of doing things and only one out of ten works well. I’m tired of thinking my way through plans and thinking my way through strategies. I’m tired of hit and miss and sixty percent of what I plan and try to do in the Kingdom bears very little fruit. I like it when something propels it with the winds of heaven. You almost have to get out of the way, because God is so blessed by it. And HIS pleasure is on it so much that HE just can’t help but bless it. I love it when that happens.

So I began to have dreams. I’ve never been a dreamer, but I’m startin’ ta have dreams. How ‘bout that? Little didactic me… Cerebral didactic, you know… I spent most of my life in Matthew 16:23, thinking man’s way. You know? And I get around this strange man, Chuck Pierce, and now I’m dreaming.

My kids are dreaming. My fourteen year old comes to me last week. And she says, “Dad, I had this dream.” And she lays out this profound dream. I mean it’s full of detail. It’s about the heart of King David and the heart of Deborah. And the key of David that unlocks the chest, where the treasure is. And when she gets to the treasure chest in the dream, it’s the shape of a heart. It’s the heard of David; it’s the heart of intimacy. She lays this thing out to me and I’m going’, “Fourteen years old?!!!”

My other daughter has… they both had dreams about Hollywood, about the Arts, and about secular artists. They’ve seen, by name, what God is about to do in some of these circles and arenas, and they come lay these things out to me. At first you kno0w you tend to think the first time or so this is kinda weird or strange. And the more they start laying it out, the more you understand that this is God!

Chuck began to prophesy to me just a few weeks ago. He said, “You’re gonna move into the next phase for you and your congregation in signs and wonders.” The prophet, Bill Hammond, comes to us and says the next phase for this house is signs and wonders. Jim Gall and Jill Austin come to our house, and both of them say, “One of the very next things that God’s going to do in this house is signs and wonders.” You know, I think we’re about to move into signs and wonders… You know, I can catch on… I’m getting’ there. You know, I’m getting’ this.

So I have a dream, a week ago, Saturday night. My dad used to move in signs and wonders in a major way. And I had the same dream twice in one night. In both dreams, I see my dad sittin’ there, and the Lord comes to me in the dream and says, “I’M going to teach you how to reclaim your inheritance, through your father, of signs and wonders.” I go back to sleep and have the same dream. “I’m going to teach you how to reclaim your inheritance through your father, of signs and wonders.” What is starting to happen to me? Revelation… Revelation… It’s breakthrough…

Now, when it breaks through, you have the ability to shift things in the heavens, because it’s the Word of the Lord that changes things. It’s the Word of the Lord that breaks through. It’s not your word or my word, but it’s the Word of the Lord that breaks through. “The Voice of the Lord,” Psalm 29, “that breaks through in the wilderness.” You read all about the Word of the Lord, and then you get down to verse eight, and it says, “The Word of the Lord shakes the wilderness.”

And the word, shake, as used there, literally is the word for travail in Scripture. Literal translations read this way: “The Word of eth Lord brings birth pangs in the wilderness.” Or “It puts the wilderness into travail.” So the dry and dead places of the earth, the word wilderness there, means lifeless and sterile. And HE says, “The Word of the Lord begins to come, and sterility is reversed. And birth pangs begin to come; travail starts taking place in the Middle East, in Iraq and the cornfields of Iowa,” because its’ the Word of the Lord… It’s the revelation of God.

You know it’s here now don’t ya? I mean, you have to be pretty dull, spiritually, not to realize that there’s a Spirit of revelation in this room. When the Spirit of revelation happens, the room just gets pregnant with it. And that’s what’s happening here and now. You get to the point where you just break through. The heavens change, and HE shows us how to change the atmosphere.

Let me just pause and say this. I don’t know what you would call me, but with the prophetic mantle and the apostolic calling that I have to this nation, God always makes me live in advance of what’s coming. I don’t know how you define that or how you describe it theologically, but I don’t just get it on paper. God begins to make me walk it out, and then I realize that what I’ve started seeing is a pattern… I’m walking out something that HE’s about to do in the Church. And it’s part of the forerunner calling. It really is… And so HE starts doing this with me, you know…

I received a visitation from the Lord, several years ago, and HE pinned me to the floor for about an hour and a half. And when I say “HE pinned me to the floor,” I mean exactly that. It was anything but fun. And HE gave me a mantle at that moment. At one point in this visitation from God, I felt like I was going to die. And I felt it so much that I literally, for about 15 or 20 minutes, begging HIM not to kill me. My spirit was okay with it, but my body, my mind and my soul had no way to cope with it or understand what was goin’ on. My body was just shaking like some… I felt like a hypodermic needle was stuck in me. Everything in me was sucked out, and something completely new was put in. Then at the end of it, HE said, “Now you’re MINE.” Now, I’ve thought for a long time that I was already HIS, and I know, in one sense, I have been. But all I know to tell ya is that I was a different man after that, and HE said, “Now you’re MINE. And you’ll go where I tell you to go, and you’ll do what I tell you to do, and you’ll say what I tell you to say. And you’ll fear no man.” Then HE began to show me the angels that were gonna accompany me. HE showed me in this visitation where to go and said, “I’M going to send you to places in this nation with a Spirit of repentance and revival.” Then HE began to take me there in the Spirit, starting with D.C. HE gave me a series of understandings from Scripture and revelations and said, “Now I want you to go to Washington D.C. and begin to make a declaration.”

And over a year, year and a half, I may have made maybe fifteen or twenty trips into D.C., most of which were just to pray. Not to speak or be a part of a gathering, but to just go and pray. HE would say, “I want you to go to this place and decree this. And want you to go here and decree that.” And I’d find out I’d just get busy and as discreetly as I could, just go and just find a quiet place and begin to speak over the Mall and the Whitehouse and Congress and the Supreme Court.

But I’ll never forget the day I was doing a conference, in January of 2000, and HE said, “I want you to go shift the heavenlies over Washington D.C.” Now, that was completely new to me. And I’m thinking, “Okay, we’re gonna shift the heavenlies over this nation’s capitol. Okay…” And all I can tell you is we went to the gathering that morning and through the intercession and corporate anointing, we moved into a place, and we began to decree that the government and the very center of power in this nation would shift. And I tell you what. It was almost like an earthquake. Some people said that they did feel the shaking. The heavens began to shift. And, of course, that began a process of shifting this nation.

Now, it’s not just about the event. I’m not at all naïve enough to think that anything I do is just about me or what I did. It’s always a series of things and many peoples’ intercession and the things that the Body of Christ is doing. And I’m just a part of that, but God gives me my part.

And so things began to shift, and HE began to show me how I could go in and do these things. The only reason I tell you this is because that is what HE is about to do with you. HE made me live some of these things first, but as a forerunner. So that HE could teach me how to shift things in the heavenlies.

What’s so exciting to me is now I know that there is coming a broad-scale mantle to the people of God that boils down to a Spirit of revelation, that is going to create an open heaven and change everything on earth.

I want you to stand with me… I think we’re supposed to pray right now. I feel like we’re supposed to literally begin to call this in, so I want you to just really get focused now. I don’t want anybody stirring around. I don’t wantcha worryin’ about the clock. I just want you to get focused with me, and let’s begin to intercede and pray in the Spirit. Okay? Just begin to lift your voice and call out to the Lord. Be comfortable. If you need to sit, stand, kneel, you can. It doesn’t matter. Just get comfortable, and let’s begin to penetrate the heavenlies over Iowa with our words. Let’s begin to decree the Word of the Lord that we are hearing… that there is a Spirit of revelation breaking forth. Dreams and visions… The Word of the Lord is going to come alive.

“Revelation is about to break through into Iowa that is going to change,” The Lord said, “the very earth.” It’s going to change the nation. HE said, “You are going to feed the nation revelation.” HE said, “You are going to even feed it into the Middle East, and Iraq is going to change because of decrees from Iowa.” We say that the church of Iraq is going to prosper. The very battleground of Iraq is going to shift because of the Word of eth Lord that comes from Iowa. So we speak now in Jesus’ name, and we say, “Let the heavens be open.” Lord, YOU said to me, and I wrote it down, “I AM about to open the heavens over Iowa.” Therefore, we decree the heavens are being broken through, revelation is coming, the heavens are shifting, the Spirit of revelation is coming, and the gates of hell will not prevail against this. The Church of the Lord Jesus is going to be built in such a way — on the Spirit of revelation — that plans are going to begin to prosper, visions are going to begin to take place, prayers are going to be answered, and people are going to be delivered and set free. Ministers, pastors, and leaders in God’s family are going to go to a new place of revelation, and the “Bread of Heaven” is going to be released in a new way to feed the people of God. Prayer groups are going to begin to grow, and triple, and multiply, because the Spirit of revelation is coming. And its’ going to lead to a spirit of increased revelation and declaration. The prayer meetings are going to grow. Even the leaders who have not already done so are going to begin to move into intercession. They are going to begin to preach with a new unction and a new anointing. The heavens are going to be opened up by the very Spirit of God, and the Word of God is going to begin to flow in ways that have, up to this point in time, been blocked.

We say that the prophetic anointing of God is now being released over Iowa in a way that it’s’ never been released before. We lay hands, as it were, on this region. And we say, “Come forth, anointing of Jesus!” Come forth, anointing of the prophetic! Come forth, prophetic insight and revelation! Come forth, opening of the Scriptures! Come forth! Come forth! Come forth!

We decree the lifting of the veil over this region. We decree it over the Church! We decree it over the world! We say, “Prodigals are being influenced by the Spirit of revelation.” We say that iniquities are being broken. We say that over entire campuses that the Spirit of revelation is going to begin to hover, the heavens are going to pen, the veil is going to lift, and the Spirit of revelation is going to penetrate the classroom. And signs and wonders are going to begin to take place on the school campuses of Iowa —at the high schools and junior high schools and the college campuses. The Lord says, “I am inviting them with a Spirit of revelation and the miraculous signs and wonders. The Signs and wonders will get their attention. The veil will lift, and I will bring revelation to them. And what you could not do in decades on your own, I am going to do it in a day.”

The Lord says, “It’ll be even upon those who are bound by tradition, lifelessness, and religious spirits.” The Lord says, “I am coming to break that off of this state, and Iowa will be known as a wild place in the Spirit — a radical place of revolutionary warriors, who move in radical zeal and boldness.

And right then, the full anointing shall break forth from the plains of Iowa. The fire of MY Spirit is going to begin to burn through the dross, to colorize wounds and heal the hurts. It’s going to heal, not only physical and emotional wounds, but the Body of Christ is going to be healed in awesome ways… There is coming a Spirit of healing, harmony, and unity that is going to be by the fire of MY Spirit, because I am no longer going to be persuasive and speaking in ways that try to woo MY people into this, but,” the Lord says, “I am coming with a Holy Fire that is going to literally burn down walls that have separated and divided! And I am coming with Holy Fire and passion to break into MY Church, even in places that they have not asked me to. I’M going to do it anyway. I’M gonna move in and crash through walls and barriers. I’M going to lift fatigue and weariness of MY people. MY leaders are going to be filled with fresh zeal, fresh fire, and fresh oil from MY Spirit.” The Lord says, “As this Spirit of revelation begins to move in and among you, do not be surprised when I interrupt your gatherings with visions.”

I even see this. I see your children — three, four, five, six years old, and upward — moving into meetings where the adults are and saying, “I have just had a vision from God.” And they will take over the meeting to share the vision that they have seen. “People will run for salvation, and deliverance will begin to take place as the children speak,” The Lord say, “because I will give them revelation from Heaven. And they will not argue with ME. They will say what I say, and they will say what I show them.”

The Lord says, “This move of MY Spirit will not be built around the abilities of man. This move of MY Spirit will be built around ME and ME alone! This move of MY Spirit will require a greater level of humility.” The Lord says, “I am going to cause you to put your faces to the ground and cry out to ME in humility and lowliness of heart — to know your need of God and revelation. You’re going to have to acknowledge that you do not have the insight and the abilities to do this on your own.” The Lord says, “You must be willing to acknowledge your failures and the plans of man that have fallen and been caused or inspired by demonic forces,” the Lord says, “that have infiltrated through these things. But if you will humble yourself with a new spirit of humility and dependency, I am going to react to that very much.” The Lord says, “I am going to move in quickly with a Spirit of grace and mercy and revelation. And I will show you how to turn years and decades around that the worms and the locusts have destroyed. I will come in MY great mercy and show you how to turn it around. And it will not take the same amount of time that it took for the enemy to do it as it has been done in the past. I will come and bring a Spirit of expediency upon it.” The Lord says, “I will show you how to do it very quickly, but it will require great humility.” The Lord says, “I say to you, ‘You do not know how to do what I want you to do.’ You do not have the understanding within yourself. You must lean upon ME! And you must look to MY Spirit to give you the plan. I say to you, ‘I give you a promise.’” The Lord says, “If you will do this, I will come. I say to you, ‘I will come!’ I will rend the heavens. I will come to you! AI will change you. And you will see that for which you cried… that for which you have wept. I say, ‘Then you will call your sons and daughters from afar, and they will come.’ I say that your words will begin to penetrate. And when you prophesy to the north, south, east, or west to give them up, I say, this time they will come. And I say that when I send you this time to the demonic strongholds of darkness, and you prophesy MY Word, they will fall. And you will break through,” the Lord says.

Chuck Pierce is again speaking…
Father, we thank YOU for the wind that’s beginning to blow here in this state.

While Pastor Dutch was speaking, it’s as if the Lord showed me the state and lifted me up to show me what the state looked like in the Spirit. And the Lord was saying, “I’M going to begin to break down that circle of darkness that dwells in the center of this state. I say that I call you like Ruth at this time, and I would say you would go to the corners and begin to glean. And if you’ll glean in the corners, then I would say to you, “The center will have to respond.” Now, I believe that has a literal meaning; you won’t be able to see transformation in the center without starting at the corners. And when the Lord showed me that, HE showed me several things. HE showed me the southwest corner and said, “In the southwest corner there was going to be a grass-roots movement that would begin to emerge and bring political change into the very center and the very heart of the state.” And then HE said that the Church is going to blossom. And there’s going to be a move of God in the northwest corner of the state. The Spirit of God is going to come down. And where it’s never blossomed before, all of a sudden, the Church will begin to blossom with revelation. There will be a breakthrough of worship in the northwest corner. Then HE showed me the southeast corner and said, “Much weeping will begin to cause a river to arise and tear down a throne in the southeast corner.” HE said that there is a throne there that has been erected, “but the weeping of MY people will cause the throne to decay and fall.” Then HE says that there is a kingly anointing rising up in the east portion of the state that will affect the Middle East.

And then, when I looked at the state from the heavens, I saw the northeast was totally bailed. It was desolate. There was a blockage from the movement of the Spirit of God. And it was actually causing an influence into the very center or the heart of the state. The Lord said, “I want to lift the veil in the northeast.” I saw the sword come down into the government. And I saw this sword begin to divide and create confusion. There was confusion in the court s and the systems of government here. And it caused the government, where it’s always been underneath the veil, to begin to rise up in a new unity, a new sound, and a new release came into the civil government. Then the Lord said that there was a drought that was trying to surround the very heart of this state. But from the corners, you’d be able to penetrate the heart of the state. And since the drought that was forming would not be able to take hold, there would be such a release. “And that what has been released this year, for the cornfields to blossom, will bring a greater release next year,” saith the Lord.

So, I would say to you, “Change is now upon this state.” What was will no longer be. “What has been asleep, now will wake up,” saith the Lord. “For I say, ‘I will have a people that begin to rise before the sun and make decrees, so that the order that I have for this state will be made.’ I will have a praying group that rises every morning in the north, south, east and west corners. They will begin to rise up and make a decree. And from their decree, I say that I will bring to birth MY very purpose in this state. And even though you’ve been submerged under Michigan and Wisconsin, I say that Iowa is not rising to the attention of this nation.”

Now, Father, we thank YOU. Father, we thank YOU for YOUR Holy Presence that is in this place. We thank YOU, Lord, that revelation is resting over this place. And, Father, we decree now that YOU will restore the soul of Iowa and the people of Iowa and YOU will lead them forth in a new way from this day forward. Father, we thank YOU for the anointing. We thank YOU for the call, and we thank YOU for the glory that is now beginning to rest upon us.

Dutch Sheets begins to speak…
One more thing while we’re in this place. I want us to pray against any spirit of witchcraft and especially during this season. During this season, leading up to Halloween and all the demonic stuff that goes on into the high level. You know, we don’t have to allow that to happen. Through witchcraft which come and try to put that veil back on and hide and cover and steal, that stuff will try to come in and steal everything that God’s trying to do here. And we’re not goin’ to allow that to happen. We’re just gonna push it back right now and take authority over it. Let’s do that right now.

Lord, we say in the Name of the Lord Jesus, we cancel and we bind every work of witchcraft against the House of God in Iowa that would war against revelation, that would steal the seed of God’s truth, the seed of the Word — that would rob from us through distraction, the cares of this life, and the pressures and the things that would try to come against us. We say, “No!” to that, and we cancel that in the Name of Jesus. According to Matthew 16, we bind every work of darkness in the heavenlies over Iowa. And we loose the very Spirit of God and the angelic hosts of heaven to war against it now and to push back every assignment against every leader, against every child, against the very forces of government, and we take authority over it now in the Holy Name of Jesus. And we push back and say, “No weapon formed against us shall prosper, in Jesus’ Name.” Amen.

Tuesday Morning Session: October 28, 2003 - Dr. Chuck Pierce

It was so interesting, what happened to me last night when Pastor Dutch was speaking, it was like the Lord caught me up into a heavenly realm. And I could look down and see the state and various things goin’ on within the state. Around Des Moines, there’s this big circle of darkness. So it’s good to be here, with you, in Des Moines. I don’t know how to say it nicely, and yet, know that you’re encircled by darkness. There is an occult force that has access into these cornfields.

And so, once you’ve got an occult presence in your midst, you’re gonna have to learn how to be a supernatural people. That’s just it in a nutshell. You’re gonna have to know how you can get to higher ground in the spiritual realm. Once you’ve got darkness — once you’ve got occult spirits in your midst, the only way you’re going to tea r down the spiritual barriers is to become greater in your revelation. I mean, think about Moses. He had to learn how to confront the occult spirits. And remember the magicians who could only go so far? They couldn’t move into the same dimension that he moved in with God. So you’re gonna have to learn how to use revelation mightily just like Moses did.

And that’s what we wanta talk about this morning, so let’s look at Amos, chapter 3. Amos was a prophet out in the cornfields. So, just because you’re out in the fields, doesn’t mean that you can’t have a great prophetic anointing. Therefore, I think that is why the Lord did some of what HE did by choosing who HE did, so HE could give us models that we could all grab hold of. And so, Amos was a farmer, and he probably preferred to be a farmer, but God dropped this prophetic anointing on him.

Now, Iowa, get ready; the prophetic anointing’s gonna get dropped on you. It has to get dropped on ya, because there’s a lot of occult spirits in your midst. And that tells me that you’re a supernatural state and a supernatural people. You gotta become a supernatural people. So notice what it says here in verse 7.
Surely the Lord does nothing unless HE reveals HIS secrets to HIS servants, the prophets.

That’s one of our Scriptures this year, because, this year, as Pastor Dutch said last night, is a year for mystery and secrets to be revealed. It’s a year of surprises. That means we will have the ability to surprise the enemy this year. You need to expect to surprise your enemy. But how you are gonna do that is through revelation. And the word, revelation, means to uncover. It means to open up or lay bare — to strip away; to expose, or to unveil.

Now, remember what God said last night? There’s a veil over the northeast portion of Iowa. God wants that veil lifted, because that means that there’s a great revelation that HE wants to bring into the northeast corner of the state. But there’s a veil holding it. Something is either in the atmosphere or in the land, whether it be bloodshed or covenant breaking. There are four things to look at: bloodshed, covenant-breaking, idolatry, or immorality. If one or more of these things has occurred, then it has affected the land. And it’s caused the land to be veiled. Therefore, God’s purposes are not breaking forth. And, for God to show us that veil, that means HE wants us to break through with HIS purposes and rip the veil off.

Now, that veil, in some way, is linked to a darker system that is around Des Moines. So there’s something originating from there that’s linked into this city as a networking hub. And you’re probably thinking, “How in the world is he saying this?” Well, we live in the heavenlies. I don’t live down here on earth… I don’t… I want to walk in the earth realm, but I want to live in the heavenlies. I wanna see from the heavenlies. I wanna war from the heavenlies.

How many are aware that you have enemies? We must be vigilant to keep watch and yet, we are called to love our enemies. It’s a great dichotomy that we have come into. We are called to love our enemies, but we have to learn how to negate their words. Now hear me. Once the words of your enemy are spoken, you have to learn how to bring them into a neutralized fashion, so that no weapon will prosper against you. It is so important for us to understand that principle. I’ve looked at the Body of Christ. And we’re gonna get rolled over just like the Jewish people did if we don’t rise up into some understanding of God’s covenant authority that HE’s given us to neutralize the words of the enemy, so they will not prosper over us. The only thing that will satisfy the Islamic, militant, type of worship is for the blood of God’s Covenant People to be shed. It’s a real honor that they equate America in with Israel. But you’ve got to learn how to negate their words and go to war with ‘em. God is revealing these things to us.

So this revealing means that we’re uncovering the truth. It means that we’re bringing something out of captivity, and the only way to do this is by releasing the secret or the truth that will unlock it. That’s why revelation becomes so important when you study the word, revelation. You strip away the veils. You strip away the things that hold something in captivity by releasing revelation. It says, “A lion has roared. Who will not fear? The Lord has spoken. Who can but prophesy?” The roar of the lion, or the roar of God’s people opens up the heavens and allows revelation to come down.

And so, what happens is, God requires us, many times, to gather together like this, so we can release that roar. Once it’s released, then the heavens open up and revelation starts coming down. But you’ve got to know what to do with that revelation. Now, we know that we are called, so let’s look at this. Once revelation comes, we have the authority to deal with it.

Look at Psalms 19, an incredible Psalm, because it says:
The heavens declare the glory of God.

Actually, what it says here: The heavens declare the glory of God, but we see the work of HIS hands by the earth responding to the heavens. And, if you don’t see the earth responding to the glory that God’s declaring over in the heavens, you’ve got to do something to clear the atmosphere. The heavens over Iowa are declaring the glory of God over Iowa, and the firmament is showing HIS handy work. That’s what Pastor Dutch was saying.

And it says:
Day unto day, utter speech.

Now, listen to this. The heavens have already opened up and started declaring over Iowa what needs to be — day by day, declaring what needs to be declared over Iowa. But some way or another, we need to have people down here who will come into agreement with it and start echoing it back. And then you’ll start seeing this manifestation of what the heavens are declaring. That’s the Lord’s Prayer.

And the Scripture says:
Night unto night, it reveals knowledge.

Now, most people leave that one out, because we would rather sleep at night than to gain knowledge. And there are certain times at night that we have access to knowledge over what the day is going to be declaring. That’s why dreams will become so important this year. God said, “I have to communicate with MY people since they like to sleep too much, so I’M gonna have to give ‘em dreams. It’s the only time I can get them quiet enough to listen.”

So you’re gonna have to understand how the dream wisdom of God works this year. We all dream. You would have to be dead not to dream. Now, some of us don’t know how to remember our dreams, some of us aren’t in touch with what God is saying during the night season. So, this year, we need to get in touch with what HE’s saying during the night season.

Now look what verse four and five of Psalms 19 says:
Their line has gone out through all the earth
and their words to the end of the world.
In them HE has set a tabernacle for the sun.

Now, God has lines drawn all around the earth. HE has set boundaries in the earth realm. Iowa is part of that boundary. Now, remember last night? I was saying this, and I was prophesying out of knowledge over this.

You started out under the Louisiana territory, then under the Wisconsin territory, and then you became Iowa when you were granted statehood. Well, that’s the same way your identity needs to progress, where you really become who you are. You’ll see in the sport arena eventually, where you see Iowa rising up and becoming stronger than Michigan and Wisconsin. And it’ll be a sign to you.

Now, I’m not trying to get into sports, but it’s something that we see happening in the earth realm. Remember, we live in heaven, but walk in the earth, so we want to notice some things going on here. Finally, Iowa has come into its own boundaries. And what happens is, day by day, there is a speech being uttered and going out around those times from heaven — covenant revelation going out around the lines.

We walk around on the earth like we’re just living down here in this system, but we are seated in the heavens. So we should be hearing the revelation that is coming forth as day utters the revelation. We can then grab it and declare the same thing around the lines that are in Iowa. Now, when you do that, and you’re in harmony with God, where here are two touching and agreeing, what happens? The thing gets done. And so that’s why it’s important that we understand the prophetic authority we have in the Word of God.

Now, let’s look at one more verse: Job 38:12. The Lord is revealing HIMSELF to Job. How we’re talkin’ about revelation here. And in verse twelve, it says:
Have you ever commanded the morning since your days began and caused the dawn to know its place?

How’s that for a Scripture, one day is uttering speech and night is revealing knowledge? You can take that knowledge if you will get up early, before the day breaks. If you will get up before the day breaks and come into agreement with what Heaven is uttering, then your day is going to be ordered by God.

And in these cornfield states, I feel like God’s putting an anointing on you to set a course that no one else can set for our nation. You’re farmers… You’re called to get up early… It’s part of the inheritance of these states. And so, you have the authority to come into agreement with God and set a whole course for this nation.

Now notice what it says here:
And cause the dawn to know its place that it might take hold of the ends of the earth and the wicked be shaken out of it.

You see why the wicked aren’t being shaken out? It’s because we aren’t setting the course for the wicked to be shaken out. And we have the authority to agree with God over what’s being uttered in Heaven for the wicked to be shaken out of the earth.

There are several principles that I want you to understand for how to take revelation and come into prophetic fulfillment. This is because God’s not just giving revelation to be giving revelation. HE’s giving revelation, because HE wants to utter a word and have us come into agreement with that word in order that we can fulfill HIS call for the earth realm. For the earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof. And so, I define the prophetic fulfillment as this: the process and the progression of the Word of God until it is made manifest. In other words, the Word of God has a process about it. And the promises over your life have a process about them. And you’ve got to bring those promises into a full manifestation.

In other words, when God spoke to me at the age of 18 years and said, “I can restore all that you have lost,” that didn’t mean that I didn’t have to do anything. It became a life-long process. It’s a life Scripture for me — to watch that fulfillment occur — to watch my brother and sister get saved — to watch my family come back together — to watch him, even though we had lost 400 acres… to watch my father leave my mother, and she in turn married the district agricultural agent of another portion of our state. Therefore, not only did God restore the 400 acres we lost, but HE gave us seven times that much. You see what I mean? Watch the process of fulfillment occurring.

You see, we get caught up in all the abuse and all the bad things that occur to us, for instance, all the things that my family had to endure when the devil captured my father. But if you just look at that, you will never see the redemptive plan that was in him. And my call was to come into the fullness of the redemptive plan in our bloodline that my father never came into. So you don’t want to just keep cursing them, and you don’t want to say, “Oh! Woe is me!”

You wanna say, “Wait a minute! Satan captured that! I gotta get that back.” So here’s some principles for you to do that: First of all, you must realize that there is a “now time.” Then you have to understand that there comes a time to break open revelation and break out of desolation.

Desolation has a time frame. We’re not meant to live in desolation our whole family. We find a time frame of desolation in the Bible in which the children of Israel went into the wilderness for forty years. We find a time of desolation of 400 years between the time of Malachi and when the Lord Jesus Christ came into the earthly realm. There was no revelation flowing during the time span between the ministries of Malachi and of Jesus the Messiah. And revelation is the only thing that breaks you out of desolation.

So it is a principle that you will have a period of desolation in your life. Period! It’s part of God’s plan, even though we don’t like to hear that. If it’s good enough for Jesus, it’s good enough for us. We have to learn something in that wilderness place, but how we respond to God in the wilderness place will determine how long we’re gonna stay in the place of desolation.

So now, how does the Lord begin to break us out of this desolation? To answer this question, let’s look at Daniel, chapter nine. Once you start seeing this, you’ll see that there are principles all the way through the Word of God. You can also study Luke, chapter four, to see how the Lord broke out of it very quickly in those forty days. But HE really just devoted HIMSELF to break through it. And a lot of times, we don’t. We don’t stay focused like the lord did for those forty days. And here, in Daniel, chapter nine, we find a wonderful pattern:
In the first year of Darius, the son of Achashverosh, of the Medes, who was made king over the realm of the Chaldeans in the first year of his reign…

Now that’s important also, because even civil government has to submit to God’s government. We’ve got to realize that civil government and the changes within civil government, reflect either a break through or desolation. That’s why Daniel is so specific to talk about how the civil government has changed. That change of civil government reflected a change in the atmosphere over the earthly realm. It’s the same way with us. That’s why we are called to pray for every authority. We have a responsibility to get righteous authority figures in office. And so, when Darius got in office, Daniel was able to understand this through certain prophetic revelations.

By President Bush getting into office, through the election of 2000, it opened up a revelatory window, over the Covenant relationship that America has in the latter days, in order for us to understand. It opened up the word to us in a new way the same as it did with Daniel.

Now, I don’t think that we fully understand this principle. That’s why we just go to vote for whom ever we feel a whim. No! Don’t do that, because that’s not what this is about. And it’s not about a man! It’s about a link into heaven that produces a righteous release in the earth realm. Now this is very, very important to us!

You know, one thing that I think God is pleased with is how we’ve overturned that partial-birth abortion thing. See, a lot of things are happening in the earthly realm now that couldn’t happen without certain authority structures in place. So that’s important.

And it says in Daniel 9:2:
In the first year of his reign, I, Daniel, understood by the books the number of the years specified by the Word of the Lord through Jeremiah the prophet that he had accomplished seventy years in the desolations of Jerusalem.

He equates his understanding and prophetic revelation to Darius coming into office. Now, once Darius came into office, all of a sudden, Daniel knew the times had changed. So we’ve got to understand this divine connection of the authority of God in heaven what HE is uttering and the civil authority in the earthly realm. So it opened up understanding of a prophecy that Jeremiah had given seventy years earlier. He couldn’t understand that prophecy until Darius came into office. Then, all of a sudden, this prophecy became alive to him and it was time for the fulfillment to occur.

Then he said in Daniel 9:3:
I set my face toward the Lord God to make requests by prayer and supplications with fasting, sackcloth, and ashes.

The next thing I want to say to you is, once you recognize time, you’ve got to respond to God’s intercessory call. HE looks for it! God is Sovereign, but HE looks to us to respond to HIS Sovereignty. And HE’s not gonna do anything that we’re supposed to do. Otherwise, that would violate HIS character. And so, HE looks for us at a certain time to respond to HIS Sovereignty, because now is the time to break ‘em out of desolation. And this is why a lot of people never see their promises from God fulfilled, because they miss the window of opportunity to respond to God.

And one of the reasons that we’re going to all these fifty states, because God does expect us to obey HIM. And something will happen in the United States at the completion of this assignment, because in 2000, the Lord said to me, “I won’t judge this nation until every state has responded to ME and worshiped and is dealing with the issue of abortion.” I knew right then that I had a responsibility to be sure that each state had an opportunity to mobilize and worship together. And a lot of times, that’s all that God looks for, saying, “Did you come together when I asked you to?” That’s where the burden of God rests down on you, and you’re not free ‘til you pray it through. You’ll just feel this thing.

And, for goodness sakes, don’t go take an aspirin; don’t go out to eat; don’t go to sleep. See, that’s usually what we do. But you must try to pray through it. Usually we just fall into apathy and say, “God I don’t feel good. Something’s not right.” Have you ever said that? “Something’s just not right. I’m unsettled I better try to eat somethin’. Maybe if I take one more Tylenol PM, I’ll be alright when I wake up.” No! Don’t do that now. That ain’t what God’s doing with us. HE’s saying, “Wait a minute! I wanna give you knowledge in the night, and I want you to utter what I’M uttering during the day. All right?”

Now, the next thing I want you to notice is that Daniel began to pray and make confession. He began to get right with God. That’s why we do identification repentance, because what Daniel is saying is essentially, “I don’t wanna go through the same thing all over again that we went through over this last seventy years. So, Lord, let’s get right the things we didn’t get right before, so we can move on from here.”

SO we find that what God does in to revive unfulfilled prophecy. We each have unfulfilled prophecies in our lives. And there comes a time when God says, “I’M reviving unfulfilled prophecy; revelation which I released that has not been accomplished. I’M restoring it to life.” That’s what revival is. Revival is where unfulfilled prophecy comes to life again. All right? We must begin to prophesy and utter what God is giving us to speak, and then eventually, we’re going to begin to see things change in the atmosphere.

The next thing I want to do before I end is to just take you through the process of prophetic fulfillment. These are some of the principles that I’ve been sharing with you, and you see that once Daniel did all this, all of a sudden, God began to pour out revelation on him. And Daniel went into that big warfare for twenty-one days. But then he had a revelation that was sealed up for us today. See? It’s important that we come to know when God is revealing mysteries and secrets especially since this is the year for that. There’s revelation that’s been sealed up in the Word that is going to be unsealed. Then we will understand it, and we will understand the times and seasons.

Now, let’s look at Ezekiel thirty-seven to end with this morning. See in Ezekiel, you go through the same process as spelled out before. Here, the people have been scattered. They’ve committed such sin, and God says the same thing in Ezekiel twenty-two. God says, “If I could just find one intercessor to stand in the gap…” the gap is that broken down place where demons are working. And remember, in Ezekiel 12:5, HE said, “I have a problem with MY prophets. They prophesy, but they won’t stand in the gap.”

And so, one of the things we’re trying to model for the Body of Christ is that once God is prophesying something, you must stand in the gap. You want to not juts prophesy about our nation, but you want to also go stand in the gap in it. It’s a requirement to us from God. HE says this in Ezekiel. And then, when you get in that place of gap, HE releases a promise.

And in Ezekiel thirty-six, we see that God says, “I will cleanse this land. I will give you a new heart. I will take you out from among the nations.” And in verse twenty-six, HE says, “I’ll give you a new heart. I’ll put a new spirit within you. I’ll take the heart of stone out and give you a heart of flesh.” HE promises them, saying, “I’ll put MY spirit within you and cause you to walk in MY statues.” HE promises them, “I’ll do this, not because you’re good, but because I want to hollow MY Name that is within you.”

And there comes a time when God says, “Now, wait a minute! If America is gonna make it, I’M gonna cal out MY Name that’s in MY people. I’M going to begin to bring it into fullness, so it can be seen.” And then notice what HE does. HE gives the prophet a vision. So that, when we’re standing in the gap, we will be hearing the promise. At that time we should get a vision of what God’s trying to do.

God shows the prophet all these scattered dry bones. And HE asks him a question: “Can these bones life?” And the prophet answers him, “Lord God, only YOU know.” But notice what the Lord says: “Alright then, prophesy to the bones.” So HE gives him the words to prophesy: “Prophesy to these bones and say, ‘O dry bones, hear the Word of the Lord. Surely, I’ll cause breath to enter into you. You shall live. I’ll put sinews on you. I’ll bring flesh upon you and cover you with skin. Then you shall know that I AM the Lord.’” And Ezekiel said, “So I prophesied as I was commanded.”

The word, prophesy has six different meanings to it. And one of those six is to bubble up and say what God is saying. Even when the prophet didn’t know what to prophesy, God told him what to say. That’s why we’ve got to be listening. HE will tell you what to prophesy over any unfulfilled promise that you’ve got for your family. You don’t have to strive for it. Ask HIM! Just say, “Lord, this isn’t working. My city’s a mess also. Tell me what to speak to it.” And then God will start telling you what to speak.

I want to tell you how you can judge whether restoration, transformation, and prophetic fulfillment is occurring; there has to be a coming together. Now, if you all would have not responded to come together in this meeting, the Lord might have looked down and said, “Well, they’re not interested in breaking that spirit of scattering and desolation.” And so, the bones came together. Then Ezekiel said, “And indeed I looked, and the sinews and the flesh did come upon them, and the skin covered them over, but there was no breath in them.” In other words, the first phase that you look for is just coming together.

Now, the bones weren’t breathing after he had prophesied. But does that mean that God’s not right? Did it mean that he was a false prophet? No, not at all! It meant that he’s gonna have to go to the next phase. This is what bothers me with the Church — and I love the Church just as I said before, but we can’t stop until we see that every promise has been fulfilled. We can’t stop until we see things moving in the earthly realm the way God meant them to move.

But what if the prophet had just said, “Well, you know, it didn’t work.” Some of us say that. That is the biggest religious demon that you can entertain. That demon is telling you, “Oh well, you tried that, and it didn’t work.” Well, no it didn’t, because there’s another phase you need to go into.

So notice what God said to him here: “Prophesy to the breath.” You don’t have to go back and prophesy the same thing as you did earlier. Just prophesy to that which isn’t working. So the next phase is to prophesy that the breath will come. The breath is linked with life and with prophecy. God was essentially telling Ezekiel, “You have prophesied to the bones, and they have come back together. So now, prophesy that life will begin to occur.” We can all come together. We can get very organized, but that doesn’t mean that we have breath. So there’s another phase that you must enter into where things start breathing.

And so then Ezekiel said, “I prophesied as HE commanded me. The breath came into them. They lived. They stood on their feet — an exceedingly great army.” That’s the second phase of transformation — where the army comes together. And see, a lot of times we look at the Church as a place of fellowship. We look at the Church as a place for gathering. The word means gathering. It’s equated to fellowship, but when you look at it a little deeper, it also means army.

We are an army. Remember the first time we see a type of the Church in Scripture is when God calls HIS chosen people out of Egypt by armies or tribes. That’s another reason we wanted to go state by state. There’s an army in Iowa. All right?

And then notice, this army has hope deferred. It says, “Our bones are dry. Our hope is lost. And we ourselves are cut off.” Now aren’t they fulfilled with faith? But sometimes we have to get together to hear everybody’s complaints. It’s part of the process, because we’ve got to address the issues that are weighting us down. There comes a time when you have to do that. Just say, “Lord, here I am. YOU know what happened.” Hope deferred makes the heart sick.

Many infirmities have a root in hope deferred; something that you expected to happen that didn’t. And when it didn’t happen as you had expected, it caused a wounding in your soulish nature. It allowed a demon of infirmity to grab hold of you. Your sickness is linked into that hope deferred. I know, because I’ve been there. So we’re gonna have to prophesy to the hope deferred.” You’re just gonna have to deal with it.

And let me tell you something. God doesn’t allow you to hold onto self-pity forever. Self-pity has a cycle, and we love to pity ourselves over the mess we’ve been through. We each have our own story. We each have our own mess. We all need comfort. But you can’t live under self-pity. You have to break the cycle of self-pity in order to move into what God has for you. Self-pity is linked with hope deferred. Therefore, you must participate in spiritual warfare to get over the hope deferred.

You also have to do that over your state, because the land weeps. Now hear me: the Bible tells us that the land weeps. When we commit sin — when iniquity is working in our bodies, then wherever your feet touch the land, it affects the land. The land is very sensitive to God. And if that iniquity is working in you as a person, it will infiltrate into the land. Therefore, we have to break that off of the land in order for the land to prosper.

Now, I feel like Iowa has had a break through, because over this past year, you had the greatest corn crop you’ve ever had. See, that was a promise in Joel, chapter two. So you’re moving in the right direction. Just don’t back up! One of the Biblical words for prosper means to push forward into victory.

Now, notice the fourth level of what the Lord did here. HE took them and said, “Okay, now let’s prophesy to that.” You can’t get out of prophesy and revelation. God says to us, “I don’t do anything unless I reveal it to MY prophets.”

[From Ezekiel 37:12-13]
“O MY people, I’ll open your graves. I’ll cause you to come up from your graves. And I’ll bring you into the land of Israel. I’ll break that spirit of death off of you.” Then HE says, “Then you shall know that I am the Lord when I have opened your graves, O MY people, and brought you up from your graves. You will know that I am God when I break you out of that grave that you’ve been in — when I break that death shroud off of you that’s been on Iowa.”

There’s a big circle of death around Des Moines. And there’s so much death down in the southeast corner of the state that it’s causing weeping to occur. God says, “You weep over that which you’ve allowed into the corner of this state.” And there’s darkness up in the northeast corner that’s causing a connection of this circle around Des Moines to stay in place. God wants to break those shrouds of death off this state. So we must start prophesying it.

Earlier we were talking with one of our brothers here. He is a school teacher who comes from the very edge of this dark ring and drives into Des Moines. Brother, you need to prophesy as you come in. You have authority. Get out and stop occasionally; stand on the ground; and say, “Wait a minute! Heaven’s touching here!” It breaks up all that stuff. The Lord paid the price for the headship of hell to be broken up over Iowa. All we gotta do is agree with HIM. See that’s how warfare occurs. Warfare was won at the cross, but we’ve got to come into agreement with it in the earthly realm.

And so then, finally, notice the last verse of Ezekiel 37:14:
“I’ll put MY Spirit in you, and you shall live.” This is a restating of the very promise that HE gave them in chapter thirty-six. “I’ll place you in your own land. You shall know that I, the Lord, have spoken it and performed it.”

“Spoken” and “performed” are two different words, separate and distinct from each other. The Lord doesn’t want us to just be satisfied that HE said it, but HE wants to perform in our midst what HE said. However, we have to go through the process with HIM, so that we can enter into the performance in the earthly realm. And there is a performance coming here in Iowa.

Now, Father, I thank you, and I bless YOU. Lord, I thank YOU for this state. Lord, there’s a great anointing in this state. Lord, there’s great supply in this state. There’s great wisdom in this state. Lord, we thank you for the land. We thank YOU that the land produces. And, Father, we ask YOU, in these next three years, for the land of Iowa to be known throughout the world. And we thank YOU for the production of the land throughout Iowa, because the people have agreed with YOU that YOU are performing mighty deeds in the midst of this people. Lord, we love YOU, and we bless YOU.

Now, if anyone of you feel like you have hope deferred, and the devil’s tried to convince you that certain things will never happen, just tell the enemy, “God is on my side! What you’re saying is not so!”

Now, Father, I speak to that spirit of hope deferred, that has a grave cloak covering over some of these people. And, Father, I decree, right now, that the grave cloth is being lifted in Jesus’ Name. Lord, I break down hope deferred. Lord, I say they’ll hear again; they’ll move forward. Lord, they’ll know the piece of the puzzle that they’ve not been able to grab hold of for their life, family, their city, church, this state, and this nation.

Father, we thank YOU for the anointing that is in Iowa. And, Lord, we thank YOU that it will be seen throughout this nation. In Jesus’ Name, we pray. Amen.

Tuesday Morning Session: October 28, 2003 - Pastor Dutch Sheets

Ah, it’s revelation time. It is revelation time. Don’t you reject this. It’s comin’, and it is even now here. Amen. And it will change everything. Believe me, when this Spirit of revelation comes forth, IT will change everything. I’m talkin’ about everything! It’ll even flow into government. Some of these stupid laws and things that are so nonsensical that are anti-God, anti-common sense, and anti-what this country is supposed to be all about… When the veil begins to lift and the Spirit of revelation comes, these things will just start changing. People will start looking through clear glass. Instead of looking through haze and fog, they will see things clearly. They’ll just wake up and come to their senses — literally. And so, everything begins to change when revelation starts to flow. Now, I have an interesting assignment today. So we will speak a little bit and then move back into prayer, asking the Lord to stir up that prophetic mantle, and see where HE wants to take this.

But Chuck, as he often does, said to me, “God’s speakin’ to me about Jericho and about Ruth, so if you got anything on that, use it.” And so, when this happens, I go to the Lord and say, “What do YOU want? What are YOU saying about this?” And now, we need to be asking the Lord, “What are YOU saying about Jericho to Iowa? And what are YOU saying about Ruth?” All morning, I have been thinking about this and praying about it. And all through Chuck’s message, I was sort of listening with one ear and writing with the other.

And so I’m gonna give you what I have, which is often incomplete. But sometimes, when we do this, it gives the Lord a place from which to launch us into further prophetic insight. So again, I’m gonna ask the Lord to stir up that prophetic mantle, in Chuck and any of the other leaders here who might receive something. And we’ll just see where the Lord wants to take us with this.

Lord, help us now to hear YOUR heart for this state and these people. Lord, we are moving forward. We’re not gonna back up. We’re gonna move into new territory. We are shifting things in the Spirit. And we are going to see an open heaven over this state. We’re going to see the fullness of an open heaven and all that this means. We’re going to change the atmosphere over Iowa. This is based on faith, but it’s also based on a Word from YOU, Lord. Therefore, we are laying hold of it, and we are going to see things change because of it. Now help us today, Lord, as we speak about this, to say what needs to be said and move away from anything that is not from YOU. Father, help us to think with the mind of Christ and hear the spoken Word of the Lord. Thank YOU, Lord, for awakening the sleeping ones and replacing sleep with revelation. Thank YOU for doing it here as a first fruits for what is coming to the nation, because much of America is asleep. Lord, let this be a true awakening. In fact, let a great awakening come to Iowa and to this entire nation. Let it be a great awakening… Therefore, by faith, we say that a great awakening is coming. Thank YOU, Lord. And what a great place… to let it begin here… Amen.

Well, I’m gonna spring into this teaching, starting with Jericho and what it illustrates. And the way that I’m gonna get to Ruth is to show you the connection that the Lord gave me this morning, between Jericho and Ruth. I’ve never seen a connection between them before and maybe you haven’t either. But Chuck said to me, “I’m hearing Jericho.” And then he said, “I’m also hearing Ruth.” So I believe the Lord gave me a connection, and we’ll get to that point in a few minutes.

Jericho; we all know the story, so I don’t need to read it. It was the first fruits of the Promised Land. It was the first place that Joshua led the Israelites into conquest in the Land of Promise. So the very essence of Jericho is all about new beginnings. And so, to lay a foundation, I have about six points, but this is not the first one.

This is just a side note: Jericho is all about transitioning into the new. And so, if God is saying, “Jericho,” and you need to think “Jericho” when you think about Iowa right now, then HE is definitely saying, “New…” He is saying, “Transition into the new.” HE’s saying, “There is a shift that will be taking place, and the wandering will be ending… The wilderness thing is ending, and it’s time for you to move into your inheritance.” And I think you can sense that. Jericho is all about new beginnings.

#1 The first thing I want to say about Jericho is that it was a city of first fruits. Now I said new beginnings, but I’m gonna connect it to first fruits a little differently. One of the interesting things about Jericho is that, out of all the places that they conquered, they were able to take of the spoils throughout all the land of Canaan, except Jericho. The spoils of that city were to go to the Lord. HE said, “You don’t get the riches and the wealth of Jericho. You have to give that to ME.” And in fact, it goes into the storehouse.

The word, treasury, is used here. HE said to Joshua, “Tell them to take all the spoils and put them into the treasury.” IT’s the same word as when Malachi was bringing the tithe into the storehouse. This was, if you will, the tithe of the Land. The first fruits or tithe belongs to the Lord. “It’s holy unto ME.” And that’s why we bring the tithe to the Lord, because it’s the first fruits. And it’s covenantal. And the Lord said, “The spoils of this place are set apart unto ME.” Jericho is all about first fruits.

I see something here that I think God is trying to say to you in this state, and I’m gonna let you pray this through in order to get the fullness of it. Or maybe we’re already getting it to a degree, but there’s something here that is a first fruits of what HE wants to do in the nation. HE’s unlocking some things here. And Chuck talked about a Spirit of revelation here in this state that would touch the nation and the nations. That’s very profound to me.

When I think bout places that are gonna touch the nation, I start thinking about these hubs where there are millions of people — these epicenters like New York, Chicago, or Dallas; you know. I don’t think about the cornfields of Iowa. And I don’t mean that in a negative sense or to belittle anyone. We just don’t think that way, because there aren’t as many of you in this area. Iowa is just kinda spread out and wide open. But God has HIS interesting way of doing things. And HE says, “Right out of Iowa, I’M going to bring forth revelation.”

Maybe it’s because you’re less tainted by so much other stuff. I don’t know. I don’t understand why. I just know that God’s saying, “There’s something happening here that is a new beginning. It’s a first fruits of what I’M gonna do elsewhere.” And so that connects you to the whole, but then it also gives you a very important sense of responsibility, that what HE’s saying is not just about you. It’s about what HE wants to do for the rest of us too. So we’re saying, “Come on Iowa, get with it, because we need you.” Somehow, God wants to connect it to all of us through Iowa.

A first fruits thing… We know for sure that a part of any “first fruits” is revelation, and it’s holy unto the Lord. So I want to say that if we want to translate this literally here, if HE’s comparing you to Jericho, then there must be some sense that HE’s setting apart this state unto HIMSELF.

You should call yourselves, “the harem.” We are set apart. We are the Bride. We are going to become the Bride of Christ in a special way, not in an elitist sort of way, but an intimate way. You’re going to be the first fruits, or part of that first fruits, of what HE’s doing. There are probably other places where this happens, but there are some things that are gonna be here.

#2 Now, why was Jericho called a “first fruits city?” Why was it set apart unto the Lord? And why did HE say that the first fruits of the Land, the tithe, i.e. Jericho, belongs to ME? It’s all about covenant — fulfilling the covenant promise to Abraham. And this is the beginning, the first fruits, of fulfillment of the covenant that HE made.

HE said, “I promised to give this man and his descendants after him this Land, and I’M honoring that promise by giving it to him. So it was all about covenant. But I want to see that, in a special way, Jericho because a covenantal city. And so it’s not that God kept it, and transferred it over to become a place where they lived in covenant with the Lord, but I’m gonna show you that it was a covenantal city in the sense that it represented the covenant of the Lord that HE made with Abraham and with the Land, not just the people.

Now I know that Jericho was destroyed, and I’m gonna get to that in a moment.

When they crossed the Jordan, and the waters were rolled back, then some verses say that the waters of the Jordan were rolled back, but other verses say the water was cut off. And that phrase is used in its literal sense twice, and it’s the e word as used for circumcision. Anyway, when HE rolled that back, HE was saying, “I am setting apart this Land unto MYSELF, and I’M giving it to you.

#3 It’s all about covenant, with circumcision being the sign and seal of the covenant. HE’s saying that not only are you right there at the Jordan, but HE had the men circumcised, who hadn’t operated in this covenantal right all through that time of wandering through the wilderness. So right there, at the Jordan, they circumcised these men, and God circumcised the Land.

Then HE says, “The people are set apart.” The word is holy. “They’re holy unto ME.” And God says to Joshua, “Take off our shoes, because the Land is holy unto ME also. So the people were set apart as a covenantal people, set apart unto God, and the Land was covenantally set apart unto HIM and circumcised. And the Land became holy as the people became holy.

I’m tellin’ ya, it’s not just about us; it is also about the Land. It’s about the soil; it’s about the earth. It’s about blessing coming out of the earth. That’s why Chuck was saying, “When abundance in the earth begins to come forth again, it’s a sign of something that’s happening in the spirit realm But don’t confuse that. It’s like the rain’s being held back, and curses that come to the Land are often signs of God’s judgment on a nation. On the other hand, the abundance that comes is a sign of God’s covenantal blessing on the Land, which is also coming to us.

Now, this place was all about covenant. That’s one of the reasons why Jericho, more than any other place in the Bible, was associated with the number seven. I’ll just summarize it for you and talk about the instruction that was given to Joshua on how they were to take this city. God says, “You’re gonna march around the city for seven days. You’re gonna do it once a day for the first six. And on the seventh day, you’re gonna do it seven times.” So the seventh time around was, of course, the first time on the seventh day. So the seventh time around on the seventh day began a new series of sevens, because it is seven times on the seventh day. And then HE said, “I want seven priests to carry the seven trumpets.”

#4 These trumpets were rams horn “Jubilee trumpets,” and Jubilee or forty-nine years is seven times seven years. So we got all these sevens here. We got seven days, seven times, seventh time, and another series of sevens — seven priests, seven horns, which are seven times seven horns. Now, what is HE trying to say to us? Well, among other things, seven was a covenantal number.

And I’ve not fully understood all of this, but the explanations that I’ve heard are that in a covenantal ceremony, they would take an oath, both parties would swear, and take an oath to honor the terms of the covenant forever. And there were blessings and curses associated with the covenant. There were blessings in keeping the covenant, and there were curses if you did not keep the covenant. And so, they would make a covenant sacred and inaugurate it through seven oaths, seven sacrifices, or seven witnesses. And sometimes, they might have included all of the above. The covenantal oath was actually called “to seven oneself.”

You can read about this in Genesis, chapter twenty-six, when Isaac was re-digging his father’s well. And when he had re-dug the last well, he and Abimelech entered into a covenant together, exchanging oaths. The literal translation there is to “seven oneself.” They sevened themselves and even called it the “Well of Oaths.” Beersheba, shabah, or shebah is the word for oath or seven. And so, it was the Well of Sevens or the Well of Oaths; Beersheba.

Jericho, being all about covenant, is all about this sovereign statement by God, where HE and HIS people are swearing allegiance to One another. HE said, “Just in the same way that offerings are given when you enter into covenant — you give ME this and I’ll give you that — HE’s saying, “Jericho belongs to ME. It’s a covenantal offering that you’re giving to me.” Don’t miss this! God says, “The first fruits belong to ME!”

This is why they were so sacred and Achan had to be killed when he stole some of the tithe or spoils of the Land, because he was stealing a part of the covenantal oath and the covenantal thing that was given to God. He was literally breaking covenant. He had to be destroyed, so that there would be atonement for the whole group and the whole nation would not come under the curse. Since they would otherwise be identified with the sin of this one man, God had to say, “Put this covenant-breaker out of your midst!”

Now, I really want to bring out this next point. Because, If God is comparing this state to Jericho, then one of the things that HE is saying to us is that HE wants to begin bringing forth covenantal blessings from this state.

Even though HE destroyed Jericho, HE pulled out the good. HE said, “I’M gonna destroy that which is evil.” And there was even a curse associated with anybody who rebuilt the city, because HE decreed, “It stays MINE forever. It’s never to be owned by another person. It’s MINE forever, and there’s a curse on the land for anyone who would rebuild it.” And what HE did was to destroy the evil, but HE pulled out of it that which was good.

So there were two things at Jericho in this sense. There was a destruction of evil, but also the redemption of all that was good. Now, don’t miss that! See, a lot of people just associate Jericho with destruction. And what they don’t understand was that it was a two-fold thing. There was judgment of evil, but there was also the bringing forth of all that was pure and holy to be set apart unto God.

Now, in all this, what is God saying to Iowa? HE’s saying, “I’M going to cleanse you. I’M going to purge out the evil from your midst. I’M going to bring judgment to all that opposes ME; all of the idolatry, all of the carnality, all of the evil — not people — HE’s not after people! HE’s after demonic strongholds! HE’s after the works of darkness! And HE’s gonna say, “I’M gonna destroy it, I’M gonna bury it, and I’M gonna pull out that which is holy unto ME and raise up, as a covenantal offering unto ME, the holy and pure people of Iowa! I’m gonna set them apart unto ME and make them the first fruits, holy unto ME, blessed, MY treasure, MY harem!”

He hasn’t said that to any other state, by the way. I’m not said that anywhere else we’ve been. Don’t get the idea that we get this hot, fresh, wild teaching and then just go sprinkle it everywhere. This is special! This is very special! This very word should be treated as holy!

HE said, “I’M taking back MY earth!” Iowa… “And I’M going to arouse, from here, the sleep. Revelation is gonna flow out of Iowa that awakens people in the nation and the nations of the earth. It’s MY covenantal heartland.”

Is this a part of what they call the “Heartland”? Some of this stuffs a lot more prophetic than we know. You’re the heart. Well, then that would make a whole lotta sense, wouldn’t it?

Now, let me move on, because we’re gonna do our best to connect all of this.

Jericho pictured jubilee, the Year of Jubilee, or the principle of Jubilee. What was Jubilee? Well, you can read about it in Leviticus twenty-five. Jubilee was that wonderful seven times seven years — forty-nine — and then the fiftieth year was when everything was restored. Because God said, “I’ve given this land to Judah, this land to Ephraim, and so on.

So, if you had to sell your land, because you fell on hard times, then when that fiftieth year came around, all that had to be sold to other Israelites came back to that class. SO then they’d factor in how many years were left until the Year of Jubilee in order to figure out what price the land was worth.

If they had to sell themselves into slavery in exchange for paying off their debt, at Jubilee that was over. The debt was cancelled. Everyone was free again. All the land returned to the household from which it had been sold. And of course, it all pictured redemption.

That’s why Jesus came. When HE said, in Luke, chapter four, verse eighteen, “The Spirit of the Lord is upon ME,” HE was announcing Jubilee. And they associated it with Jubilee when HE said to “bring release to the captive<” to let the oppressed go free… to bring Good News to the poor.

Forget the word, gospel. That’s a religious term we use now days that they didn’t apply back then. The Good News to the poor meant that it’s Jubilee; you’re free now. The debts are all cancelled. Can you imagine?!! It’s incredible!

And so they said that, at Jubilee, you shall go and proclaim liberty throughout the land to all inhabitants thereof. And it all pictures, of course, Christ who became our Jubilee and let us go free.

Now, this is what Jericho is all about. HE’s saying, “Blow the Jubilee horn. That’s how you’re gonna take it.” And so, they blew the ram’s horn, not the silver trumpet, but the seven times seven horn. Jubilee has a prophetic picture. Now, don’t miss this.

HE reaches into the city and takes a harlot by the name of Rahab. And she’s going to befriend Israel and help them out. And HE’s going to pull her and her father’s household out. God’s gonna pull them out and redeem them as a picture.

And then HE does something amazing; HE slams her into the Messianic line. HE literally reaches into Jericho and pulls out the Jubilee HIMSELF. Don’t miss that! HE reached into this first fruits city, a covenant city, and literally pulled out Mr. Jubilee HIMSELF through this woman’s lineage. Nobody understood it; I’m sure. So, Christ, our JUBILEE, it’s fair to say that, though HE came out of various other cities, and was born in Bethlehem, the Bible says that HE came out of Jericho.

What’s HE saying to you, Iowa? You better think about this one. Jubilee — the Christ — liberty — freedom — restoration – the oppressed goin’ free — the broken-hearted — healed — restoration of the Land — curses broken — bridal intimacy — separation unto HIM — harem — Iowa…

I think, by calling this place “Jubilee”, HE was saying, “This city of sevens, you are giving to ME, is all about covenant and seven-ing yourselves, one to another. So you’re gonna give ME the spoils, but I’M gonna give you Jubilee and all the rest of the Land. You have sevened yourself to ME. You entered into an oath when you gave ME the inheritance, the spoils, that which was already MINE; you sevened yourself with an oath and gave ME the offering.”

And now HE’s saying, “I’M gonna seven MYSELF to you, and I’M promising you Jubilee. I’M promising you to give you this Land Israel. I’M promising you that I’M freeing you once and for all from your slavery and oppression. And I’M going to give you this land of Israel once and for all; it belongs to you. And so, for thousands of years, HE’s been honoring that Covenant, and HE just insists on honoring this Abrahamic Covenant even to this very day.

You see, we swear a covenantal oath to HIM, but HE does to us as well. That’s why HE said, when HE could swear to no one greater than HIMSELF, “I swear by MYSELF to honor the Covenant. I swear by MY Godness…” Jesus sits there today as the surety that God will always honor our Covenant.

Chuck Pierce begins to speak:
Before we move to Ruth and make the connection, I think that it’s very important we see this. I just heard the Lord say, “It’s Jericho where you’re going.” I don’t know any of what that means. I just go with the Lord. You know? HE’s pretty sure.

But we had this note just brought to use. I learned that Des Moines is in Polk County, and the counties in Iowa were given numbers before they were given names. And Polk County is number seventy-seven in this state. You know, only Dutch could present a message like this with seven and seven. Now, this has great significance. Before we leave here, we’ve got to dedicate Des Moines for the Lord to take it over in this nation. We don’t know how HE’ll take it over, but HE will take it over!

Dutch speaks again:
“Lord, I don’t even know how YOU could do this — to put this stuff together. I know that YOU can do anything.”

You’re working through people who don’t even know what they’re doin’, which is probably why HE can do it. If we tried to figure this out, we’d probably mess it all up. But we come in here ignorantly and just trust the Word here and a Word there, and, all of a sudden, HE’s woven this tapestry of revelation that becomes this amazing, holy work of God. Only HE can do that.

Now, in keeping with this Jubilee thing, in this type of Christ, what a lot of people don’t think about — they just don’t realize — that Boaz was born from Rahab. Rahab, a prostitute from Jericho, was taken by a man in Israel, married into the Abrahamic line — the Covenantal family — she married Salmon. Then Salmon and Rahab had Boaz.

So, here we go again. HE’s pulling out the redeemer kinsman, the one who would buy back the Land or take one who was widowed and marry her, in order to bring forth offspring. The whole picture of the redeemer kinsman, which was a picture of Christ, came out of Rahab, in Jericho.

#5 So now, we’re up to Ruth! ‘Cause the book of Ruth as borne out of Jericho! So I say to the Lord, “All right, help me with this prophet who’s given me this assignment, Jericho and Ruth; what’s the connection?” I never thought about it before, so I started studyin’. EARLY, this morning, I started studying’!… NOT sleeping in! And it finally hits, and I go, “DUH!… Boaz from Rahab!…” So the whole story of Ruth, then springs out of Jericho.

And now we’re to this thing that he kept saying, “I see the bread thing.” Now, [speaking to Chuck Pierce] you may have to come up and tell me what you were seeing. But he kept saying, the four corners, and like Ruth gleaned from the corners of the field, something happening in the four corners of Iowa, moving to the center. And then he starts prophesying about feeding the nation, the bread of heaven, the revelation, and I’m sayin’, “All right, Lord, put this together for me.”

And I start realizin’ out from Jericho comes Rahab and Salmon, then Boaz, Boaz marries Ruth and brings her into the Promise, and what does she do? The whole story is about her gleaning form the fields of Boaz, who feeds her. And I read the whole book of Ruth, and it’s just an incredible picture of the redemptive blessing of God, and all the bread that’s associated with it, of course.

It was through what happened with Rahab, then Boaz coming forth, taking Ruth, and marrying her that the Bread of Heaven came. They were part of the Messianic line. You can read all about that, of course, in Matthew, chapter one. Jesus gained HIS lineage through these people, because Rahab was the great, great-grandmother of King David. And then, Boaz and Ruth were the great-grandparents of David. And this whole story took place in Bethlehem, the House of Bread, which fed the Bread of Life to the earth.

Now, you might think that all of this is coincidence, but I’m not that naïve. That’s like believin’ evolution.

And somehow, I believe God’s gonna give us more insight through the prophetic anointing before we get finished here. But there’s something that HE’s saying to this state about Jericho. And that which is being pictured in the book of Ruth is being pictured in this state. You’re gleaners, and HE does things in the supernatural to picture something spiritual. HE’s saying, “You are gleaners. You are going to bring forth from the earth in the same way as Ruth and Boaz. It wasn’t just about feeding bread to people; it’s about picturing something else. It’s all about the Bread of Heaven. God is saying, “I’M trying to paint a picture in this book that I’M bringing forth the Bread of Life, from the field of Boaz, in Bethlehem.” And HE’s saying, “From Iowa, I want to feed the nations of the earth, and not just physical food, but the Bread of Heaven! I want you to glean, from the four corners — and then the center — of this state, the wealth of Heaven! And I want you to export it to the nations, so I can awaken a people! So I can bring forth MY Covenant! So I can bring Jubilee into the Land and let the oppressed go free — to set at liberty the broken and the bruised. I want to restore! I want to let the captives go free! I want somebody to run throughout the land and say, ‘FREEDOM! LIBERTY!’” Ring the bell of freedom.

You know what? I think Jericho, the most fortified city, becomes a place of provision. HE’s saying, “Out of the greatest of your enemies, I’M gonna bring your Provision. Out of your greatest enemies, I’M gonna bring forth something of Christ. I’ll transform everything your enemy tries to oppress you, destroy you, and keep you from receiving your inheritance. I’ll show you MY Seed in it. And I’ll show you how I want to redeem it and bring forth the riches of your inheritance.”

In Ruth… chapter twelve and verse two. Boaz says to her, “May the Lord reward your work. May your wages be full from the Lord, the God of Israel, under whose wings you’ve come to seek refuge.” Man, what a great verse. “May your wages be full.”

Jehovah Shalom… wholeness… May your wages be full, Iowa! May your labor come to fullness. May you know the God our Peace, the God who brings fullness. Did you know shalom, the word for wholeness and peace, is actually the word for the full recompense of labor? May you be rewarded fully by the Faithful God, who always gives a just reward! Man, that’s good, isn’t it? May HE not forget the fruit of your labors. May fullness come to you. May you receive the fullness of what the Lord your God, Jehovah Shalom, wants to bring to you in this season. May you become all that HE wants you to become. May you become as the offspring of Ruth and Boaz. May you feed the world the riches of heaven. May you be a house of bread. May the four corners of the earth be blessed with the bread of heaven from Iowa.

#6 Jericho’s all about the fullness of time. Seven days, seven times on the seventh day… It just has to happen in the fullness of time. I’m not gonna say much about this one. I just know it represents that, and so, I’m saying to you, “You’ve come to the fullness of time.” You have come to a fullness of time. Do not miss this! There is a window of opportunity which HE has opened for you. Do not miss this Iowa. You have come to a fullness of time.

You must go all the way now! You must push! You have to transition. You must spring to birth. You must~ There are enough of you to do this. You do not need a majority. You just need what you have. There are plenty of you that know how to do this. Go to the four corners and worship. Go to the four corners and decree. Go to the four corners and point to the middle of this state.

God said to me, when I walked into my hotel room yesterday, “I AM about to uncover the darkness. I am about to uncover the darkness. I am about to expose the darkness over this state, the deceit, and the sin. HE will expose these strongholds that Chuck was talkin’ about when I walked in here this morning. Chuck was talking about something in these cornfields of Iowa; there is evil there. But I’m tellin’ ya, just like there are strongholds over this state — and they’re over all the states, God is going to show you how to deal with that quickly, because you are in a fullness of time. Get away from this stuff that says, “Because Satan’s had this for a century or two, or a thousand years, and all these strongholds entrenched, it’s gotta take years and years to deal with it. You know, when the time came, God said to Joshua, “Go in and kick ‘em out!” and don’t you be thinkin’ it’s gonna take you a century to do it! Go get ‘em now! In three days, you’re goin’ over! Let me tell you somethin’, now you’re goin’ to start seein’ the fruit. Do you hear what I said? Now you’re gonna start seein’ the fruit! But this time, when you go and start makin’ those declarations and those decrees, you’re gonna see strongholds start crumblin’. The Jericho’s in your life are gonna fall. God said, “The spoils are mine, and I’m comin’ to get ‘em! I’M comin’ to the inner cities and I’M gonna take what belongs to ME! And I’M gonna recapture what’s really MINE anyway.”

God says, “Your sons and daughters are comin’ home. The prodigals are comin’ home. I’M gonna take care of everything.” And HE will dislodge things, ‘cause it’s a fullness of time. I’m tellin’ ya it is.

Expect governmental changes in Iowa! And I mean natural government. And I don’t even know enough about it to know what needs to happen, but I’m tellin’ ya right now, that’s what I just heard in my spirit; expect governmental changes! In fact, expect some radical things that nobody has anticipated.

#7 Seven priests; the number seven, means completion or fullness. That’s how I got the fullness of time, by the way. When I said seven days, seven times, I got the fullness of time, because number seven means fullness or completion. Eight means new beginnings. When you come into fullness, in the next step you come to a new beginning. So seven days and seven times are the fullness of time.

HE said, “Around Jericho, you’ll have seven priests, carrying the seven trumpets.” What does that say? Well, here’s what it says to me, “We’re coming into a fullness of ministry anointing and ministry gifting.” The Levites were representing the priesthood.

In Ephesians four, we see the fullness of the Christ anointings… Ephesians four is the passage in which hit says, “…given to your apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, and teachers.” And forget terminology, position, or title. That’s not what apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor, or teacher is all about. It’s not about the title or position. These are the ministry anointings of Jesus.

And these are the anointing of Christ; HIS apostolic anointing, HIS prophetic anointing, HIS evangelistic… pastoral… teaching… anointing. When you have all of them, you come to the fullness of Christ. The passage even talks about it. We’re moving to the fullness. Now we’re moving into a stage of seeing the fullness o the Christ anointing through the restoration of the apostolic anointing. We’re seeing the fullness of HIS five-fold grace gift anointing being released. And so, I don’t want to say much about this one, just to say that I see, at Jericho, the picture of what will happen when we come to the fullness of ministry gifting. There is completion in Jubilee, inheritance, the enemy being taken out, taking the Land, and all of this is connected to the restoration of the ministry anointing of Jesus which will be fully flowing through the Church.

What is God saying to Iowa about that? HE’s saying, “It’s the fullness of time, and it’s time for you to come into your fullness.” It’s a fullness of time, but it’s time to also come into fullness. And as you come into fullness, you’re coming into a fullness of anointing. You know, you can preach. You can minister. You can do something, and you can do it at a certain level. Then, as you exercise the anointing given to you, God moves you to a higher level of anointing. Once HE has accomplished this in you, then you will do the same thing, say the same thing, and pray the same thing, and it will bear more fruit and accomplish ten times as much. And, all the while, you didn’t change a thing. You didn’t change any of your delivery or pray any differently.

When God had placed the mantle on me for the nation and gave me the apostolic calling to this nation, I could go to the same place to pray, and then I thought to myself, “Wait a minute! I have a new authority. I’m not doin’ anything different. I’m not different as a person. I didn’t learn anything different. I just have move authority and more anointing to do God’s work.” And what I couldn’t get accomplished before, I can now. It has nothing to do with me. It’s a fullness of the Christ anointing.

So, what HE’s saying to you is, “Come up higher! Come into the fullness of the Christ anointing. Be an apostolic state! Be a prophetic state! Come fully into your prophetic anointing! Go into the heavenlies and break through! Prepare the way for others! Go to another higher level of the prophetic mantle and enter into the fullness of it. Move into the fullness of evangelism 0— into the fullness of pasturing and teaching. Move into the fullness of the Christ anointing.

Stand with me. We got to pray this in. We’re gonna get this four corners, Boaz House of Bread, Jubilee, Jericho thing now. We’re gonna get it, aren’t we? We’ve just thrown it out there, and now we’re gonna pray it in.

Lord, we thank YOU for what YOU’re saying to Iowa. We’re overwhelmed with gratitude in what YOU’re saying. We’re saying now, Lord, bring them into the fullness of their reward. As Boaz said to Ruth, “May you receive the full reward of your God for your labors.” For he said to her, “All of the city knows your excellent spirit and how you’ve stood with your mother-in-law, Naomi, and your heart of faithfulness. God has watched you, and HE saw these things,” Boaz said. “And we are all aware of it. We’re aware of the announcement you made, ‘Where you go, I’ll go. Where you sleep, I’ll sleep. Your people will be my people. And your God will be my God. And we’re aware of all that. Now, may you come into the fullness of your reward.’” And I say to Iowa, come into the fullness of your reward. Glean from the four corners all that God has for you. Go and take back the spoils that HE has promised you. Go to the four corners of the state and say, “This is now separated unto God. It is holy unto HIM. This state is part of HIS harem. It’s a part of HIS first fruits offering. We swear an oath to HIM that all of Iowa belongs to HIM. It’s HIS inheritance. No one else can have any of it. We’ve kicked all the Achans out of this state.” We say that no one will steal HIS inheritance in Iowa. No one can have HIS inheritance. Jericho belongs to HIM. Iowa belongs to HIM. The state belongs to HIM. The sevens county belongs to HIM. Des Moines belongs to HIM. It’s set apart unto HIM. We seven ourselves. And we say that from out of this state will come a spirit of liberty, a spirit of freedom, a spirit of liberation, a spirit of deliverance, a spirit that goes forth to break oppression and bondage and restore inheritances — to restore that which has been lost. And we say that this state is all about being a house of Bread for the nations of the earth. They’re going to eat and drink from this place. Revelation is going to flow.

Word April 10, 2021

It is the message to all those in Philadelphia the Faithful Church, God is saying you are the Philadelphia church, the faithful church.

Revelation 3:7-13

These are the solemn words of the Holy One, the true one, who has David‘s key, who opens doors that none can shut and closes doors that none can open:

I know all that you’ve done. Now I have set before you a wide open door that none can shut. For I know that you possess only a little power, yet you’ve kept My word and haven’t denied My name. Watch how I deal with those of the synagogue of Satan who say that they are Jews but are not, for their lying. I will make them come and bow down at your feet and acknowledge how much I’ve loved you. Because you’ve passionately kept My message of perseverance, I will also keep you from the hour of proving that is coming to test every person on earth. But I come swiftly, so cling tightly to what you have, so that no one may seize your crown of victory. For the one who is victorious, I will make you to be a pillar and the sanctuary of my God, permanently secure. I will write on you the name of my God, and the name of the city of my God – the new Jerusalem, descending from my God out of heaven. And I’ll write my own name on you. So the one whose heart is open let him listen carefully to what the Spirit is now saying to all the churches.

This is a word for all of you who have persevered in prayer. God is saying you are faithful. Keep His word and don’t deny Him and He will open in front of you the door that no one can shut.

I gave a word April 12, 2020 from a dream I had on April 8, 2020, about telling our Governor we needed to plant the state in corn. There were tractors waiting on the edges of the fields and exhaust was coming out of them. That was a year ago!

The Lord says you have been faithful, you are the tractors that have been planting. Even though you may be exhausted continue to persevere for your rewards are on the way. I am coming with My rewards for the faithful and true. I have seen you laboring in the night, I have seen your tears, I have seen your repentance for a nation that I love. Every tear, every decree, every prayer has gone into the ground so watch for a great harvest to come. Don’t waver, don’t grow weary for your strength is being renewed. This nation Will fly like the eagle again and you will run and not grow weary, you will walk and not faint, for the tables are getting ready to turn. For what has looked like defeat for My people and this nation, For what has been turned upside down will now be turned right side up. Do not think your words don’t carry power. They ARE what open and close doors in My name.

Just as you think you are at the very edge of what you can endure, things will suddenly be clear and you will see the enemy caught on his own hook. Magnify Me, Praise Me and things will become crystal clear in the days to come. Continue to wrap your prayers around those, EVEN in your own state, to speak truth for the days are becoming shorter for them to repent and turn from making their deals.

In March God started bringing this to me out of Acts 13:9- Elymas, a sorcerer, a false prophet who had gained influence as the spiritual advisor to the regional governor (governmental leaders, including legislators at state and National levels) stood up and tried to prevent the governor from believing the message of God’s word.

Saul, also known as Paul, stared into his eyes and rebuked him, Elymas. Filled with the Holy Spirit, he said, you son of the devil! You are full of every form of fraud and deceit and an enemy of all that is right. When will you stop perverting the truth of God into lies? At this very moment the hand of God‘s judgment comes down upon you and you will be blind – so blind you won’t even be able to see the light of the sun. (This is about our governmental leaders and all those dealing in lies and corruptness). As Paul spoke these words, a shadowy mist and darkness came over the sorcerer, leaving him blind and groping about, begging someone to lead him around by the hand. When the governor witnessed this, he believed and was awestruck by the power of the message of the Lord.

I encourage you to read Acts 13:9-12. This is what God is saying, the days are becoming shorter for them to repent from making their deals and we are to pray for them to repent and turn and also declare that those that do not turn that the shadowy mist of darkness is coming over them.

The Lord goes on to say, While you have been enslaved in Egypt, by this false government, you will see I am making you great both in numbers and in strength until I unveil my mighty power and break the bondage you are under. I am even raising up deliverers now in your nation and the nations to overcome and establish the new. Those who pursue my heart will be like David and accomplish all I have destined them to do. Let everything go as you have known it so that what is new can be established in your state, in your nation and in the nations! Amen!

God is wanting to encourage all those in the nation and across the nations that are praying and standing and believing and knowing that what The word is saying in Acts 13 is He is bringing this false government down.

He is strengthening His church, His Ekklesia, and He is bringing power and He is bringing strength and unity into the body of Christ while this Egyptian government is ruling and laughing and thinking they are taking over, God’s people are growing in number and strength. You are being prepared to usher in the great revival. The Israelites were in bondage, which is a form of what is going on with our government right now. But all the while the Lord is working to increase our numbers even while in bondage.

The message for today is don’t look at what the false government is doing. Keep increasing in number, keep interceding, keep repenting, keep praying, keep doing everything I’ve told you to do because the day is coming that I am turning right side up what they have turned upside down and you will see My hand move, and you will be My great and mighty army that is going to move like the locusts. Move across the nation and the nations and bring My word, bring My revelation and gather the harvest that is for this time, for this Era, for this season to be brought in. It is the great army that God is raising up now even during a time of bondage to overtake what the enemy thinks he has taken. I speak this in the power of Gods Name.

So don’t be discouraged and don’t give up. Encourage yourself in the Lord like David did and continue with the fight that you are fighting because you are growing in strength and God is clothing you right now, even as you pray in your everyday life. Not just on a prayer call, but you are interceding in your closets, you are witnessing to people, your reading the Word across the state and it is going into the nations. Everything you are saying and doing is not falling dead into the ground, but it is a seed falling into the ground that is growing, growing and growing. I say all this in Jesus name!

Praise God, Worship God for He is Great!

God Bless all the Mighty Warriors in Gods Army,

Ginny Caligiuri