Be Prepared Emergency List

Seychelle Water pitchers and filters – regular filters and also radiation filters for nuclear fallout (radiation contamination could occur from nuclear reactors damaged in an earthquake) At least 10 of the 5-gallon water bottles, up to 100 gallons of water Barrel to catch rain water from the roof.

Be prepared to live at least one year on the following (2 or 3 years is better, plus plan on feeding your neighbors): Buy 10 buckets of dried meals or fruits/vegetables. (one bucket = 275 meals, shelf life of 20 years) has some of these items as well.
Bread Flour
Olive oil
Dried milk
Fruit juices
Candy for something sweet
Dried fruits (purchase a drier – they’re cheap)
Canned goods (fruits and vegetables)
Ramen noodles

First aid kit – plenty of Hydrogen Peroxide, sutures, gauze, tape, Neosporin, bandaids, scissors, Advil, Excedrin, bottle of whiskey (pain duller)
Dish soap
Supplies needed if diabetic
Tent, sleeping bags
Heavy parkas (coats)
Long underwear, wool socks, gloves
Fire wood
Fire starter logs, and/or charcoal lighter
BIC lighters
Portable stove, propane tanks and/or kerosene
Variety of candles (candle jars are excellent) to light whole house.
Cash (suggest $1000) in case banks temporarily cannot process checks or credit cards.
Pistol, rifle and ammo – for hunting and protection

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