The vision of the Nations TV is to saturate the 10/40 window continuously with
the message of the love of Jesus. The 10/40 window is the area of the world that is most
restricted to the Gospel and includes the largest number of unevangelized people. This
area includes most of Asia and the Middle East as well as parts of Africa. It is home to
over 4 billion people, and many of them need the light of Jesus to invade the darkness of
their lives. The vision is to share the Gospel, Biblical teachings and inspired worship
music 24/7. There will be multiple evangelists, preachers, and teachers of the Word of
God who will be speaking on the TV station. There will also be many gifted musicians
and singers who will use their talents to release beautiful worship music on the station.
Most of the messages and music will be on pre-recorded videos.
The Nations TV will broadcast on Asiasat which is a powerful satellite that will
enable the TV station to reach 65 countries with their programming. Because the TV
station is strategically located in Pakistan, the broadcasts on Asiasat will reach
Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, India, China, the Middle East, Indonesia, and parts of
northern Africa. The Nations TV has the technology to translate all messages into the
native language of the people who are listening. There will be no commercials on the
TV station and no requests for finances on the broadcasts. Funding is being raised
through private donations and through the people who will be speaking on the TV.
IHOPE House of Prayer is the strategic USA partner for the Nations TV. IHOPE
is a nonprofit 501(c)3 ministry located in Waterloo, Iowa. IHOPE will serve as the
contact ministry for people in the USA who will be speaking on the Nations TV. Those
who will be speaking on the TV will pre-record their own 30 minute videos and then
send them to IHOPE. IHOPE will then forward them to the Nations TV. Because of the
difficulties in the transfer of funds to Pakistan, IHOPE will receive the funding from
USA sources and then send funds to the Nations TV account in Pakistan.
God bless you and your families,
Dr. Michael Peters
Director-IHOPE House of Prayer
722 S Hackett Road
Waterloo, Iowa 50701
email: [email protected]
cell # 319-830-5400