Greetings to our friends of America’s Family Coaches,
Barb and I send out greetings to you this Thanksgiving holiday season. We pray that you are experiencing harvest in your lives and families during this season.
I last updated you in June and I wanted to update you on how God is working in this new season of America’s Family Coaches.
As I shared earlier, I would love to have you visit our new and revised website at We have refined our message as we are stepping into this new season as ambassadors for marriages and families. This new season includes:
 —transitioning to lifting up the arms of other ministries and organizations on behalf of marriages and families, 
—mentoring leaders within our ministries, 
—training others including mentoring marriage coaches. 
Our daughter, Sarah, serves our team and ministries behind the scenes administratively. Vernon Delpesce is continuing to serve our ministries as “Chief of Staff” as we continue to transition and step into this exciting new phase of influence and ministry.  I wanted to share some highlights of the last few months and where we are headed for the remainder of 2021.
First of all we are delighted with how our 32 year ministry with CrossTrainers is going strong. I continue to serve on the board, administratively and as a member of the speaker team. I also continue to transition board leadership as well as ministry leadership to Frank Accurso (Chairman) and others. It is exciting to be in the room with the men when we are in Clive and on zoom when we are in Wheaton.
Our 5 years of serving our wounded warriors/spouses is stepping into a new season of transition as well. We hosted our couples for the final Marriage Getaway at Rough Creek Lodge in Texas last week and are excited to celebrate and transition to the next phase with these couples. We are continuing to help identify services for these couples with other organizations to help them go forward. We also are encouraging this community to continue meeting together through technology and hopefully personally as a community in the future, although, AFC will not be facilitating gatherings. What a great group of heroes and we honor and celebrate them as we “choose to remember” their service and sacrifice.
I am humbled to continue, with Barb, to serve and coach this organization into the next phase of IIH 2.0 launching in 2022. Aaron Groves has stepped up as the Program Director and is doing a great job as he joins our team to help develop:
-Date Nights in a Box (video events for local first responder and military Iowa couples). We hosted and videotaped two sessions at our inaugural Date Night last month.
-Agency training events for new first responders representing law enforcement and fire service.
-Developing the next phase of honoring of first responders/military heroes that experience line of duty deaths in Iowa.
I am excited to step into the leadership of 10 first responder/military Iowans (5 married couples) as they take training with the International Christian Coaching Institute ( These remarkable couples have all signed up to take training as life and marriage coaches through ICCI. Barb and I serve on the Executive Board, founding faculty and the primary instructors for marriage coaching for this global initiative. My serving these 10 couples will both equip them with our lifelong message as they take 30 hours of video training with our message and mentoring by me personally as they become certified as marriage coaches. This will allow them to both begin coaching couples across the state as well as join others in hosting Date Nights. 
Our board of directors for IIH has expanded from 4 to 12 as we add 4 first responder/military couples to the board. This will allow the messaging from those with “boots on the ground” to become increasingly relative as we go forward. I look forward in 2022 of becoming Chairman Emeritus as I transition board leadership to another member of our board of directors.
A few months ago I served as the host for the Inner Visions HealthCare banquet (1100 people) and also had the honor of doing the financial ask for this important organization committed to women’s health and the life of unborn babies.
In October I was asked to give the blessing and pray at a gathering of 1600 law enforcement heroes/spouses at the Iowa COPS banquet. What a joy to pray in the name of Jesus at a gathering of heroic couples that serve Iowa as well as the Concerns of Police Survivor families. 
Earlier this month Barb and I received the community service award from the Des Moines Police Department during an awards ceremony honoring our collective service as a team with Impact Iowa’s Heroes over the last years.
It is a busy season yet rich in harvest as we love and serve Jesus, our family and our ministries. Thank you for being a vital part of our ministries through your participation, prayer and financial support.
We look forward to keeping you up to speed as the year ends and we launch 2022!
Guard your hearts,
Gary and Barb Rosberg