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November 2021
Global Prayer Targets

Dear Ones,

People For This Time

God has been creating something new in you and me. It all has great purpose. He has transformed us from what we were into a people that He needs for this time. He has placed us in the nations of the world. I believe His purpose is expanding within us. Do you sense it? – Jane Hansen Hoyt, FaceBook post

Aglow is going to be mantled with this fresh anointing of wisdom and revelation. You will carry Him to the nations. You’re going to be strong. You’re going to be fearless. You’re going to see many, many miracles. . . . You are part of a company of worshipping warriors who live for Him and long to see Him glorified, exalted. You have formed a heavenly partnership. You are a partner of the King. You are an expression of Him. You are His hands. You are His feet. You are His voice. You are His glory. You are His fire. You are His river. You must burn. You must be all-in in this hour. He is worthy. Worship Him. – Dutch Sheets, 2021 Aglow Int’l Conference, RESET – A Third Day Awakening

God Has Given You Air Supremacy!

The apostolic, prophetic, praying church around the world has now established air supremacy over the enemy. You have air supremacy! Now go deal with the enemy and relentlessly drop “bombs” from the Heavenlies on him until he is no longer able to resist you. – Dutch Sheets at the Aglow Jubilee Conference.

In aerial warfare, air supremacy is the highest level of dominance when one side holds complete control of the skies. God has given us this domination over the works of the darkness in the earth. Decree the Kingdom of Heaven into the nations! Drop spiritual missiles that defeat the works of darkness on earth.

Declare the Wisdom of God

From our position with Christ (Ephesians 2:6), we have access to the manifold wisdom of God. We make this wisdom known to principalities and powers in heavenly realms as we carry His wisdom to influence the world. Ephesians 3:10

  • Lord, as we declare Your wisdom and Your plans from Heaven to earth, we also declare to every principality and power in heavenly realms to You alone are King!
  • We declare that the spiritual forces behind the chaos in the world today must bow to Your Truth.
  • Lord, as we pray from Heaven to earth, we release Your wisdom. We declare Your wisdom fills the hearts and minds of people of influence to bring solutions to the issues that bind people in fear and frustration.

Persecuted Church

Many of our brothers and sisters in the Body of Christ suffer intense persecution as they walk in their faith. Remember them daily. Pray for them daily.

  • Sense God’s Presence – Hebrews 13:5
  • Experience God’s comfort – 2 Thessalonians 2:16-17
  • See God open doors to evangelism – Colossians 4:3
  • Boldly share the gospel – Acts 4:29
  • Forgive and love their persecutors – Matthew 5:44
  • Know we are praying for them – 2 Timothy 1:3
  • Be granted wisdom in covert ministry work – Acts 9:23-25
  • Remain joyful amid suffering – Acts 5:41
  • Mature in their faith – Colossians 1:28-29
  • Be rooted in God’s Word – 2 Timothy 3:16-17

(These prayer points have been provided by The Voice of the Martyrs)

Aglow in the Gates of Nations

We are praying for Aglow to be affiliated in every nation of the world. We are very close to reaching that goal. Let’s continue to move forward together, a company of champions and global leaders of significance, to see Every nation touched, every heart changed.

This month pray especially for: Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Bosnia/Herzegovina, Brunei, Comoros

  • Embrace a fresh anointing and passion for evangelism. Share the love of Jesus with people you meet daily. Tell the testimony of how Jesus interrupted your oppressive circumstances to redeem the outcome. Pray for the needs of people you talk with and expect miracles.
  • Celebrate the fruitfulness in Aglow ministry throughout the world. Thank You Lord, for Your faithfulness to give creative ideas for ministry and anointing to overcome the obstacles. Praise to You Lord, for people who have come into salvation, for feeding the hungry and healing the sick. Lord, we celebrate new Aglow groups that have been birthed in the past year. We surround them with prayer and proclaim growth. For fresh testimonies of God’s goodness expressed through Aglow in the world, go to Latest News
  • Lord, stir our hearts with passion for abundant spiritual harvest in these nations.
  • Pray for passion to fulfill Jesus’ apostolic commission to establish the Kingdom of God in the nations.
  • Pray that an Aglow Prayer Group will be established in the capital cities of these nations.
  • Pray for Aglow to establish powerful Kingdom Communities founded on the fullness of Christ in these nations.
  • Pray there is an opening for Aglow International to cultivate a presence in this nation that creates an atmosphere of celebration, impartation and restoration.
  • Pray for Christians in these nations to grow in courage and an overcoming spirit.
  • Pray also for these nations of Africa where Aglow has a presence. Pray for a greater influence for the Kingdom of Heaven. Pray for new leaders to arise, and pray for younger generations as they respond to the call of leadership in Aglow.
  • Aglow Global Prayer provides prayer information for every nation.
  • Complete list of Operation Every Nation nations and their capital cities.
  • More Ways to Propel the Kingdom
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