Celebrate Life this Independence Day

We pray you are having a blessed Independence Day!
We did have some vandalism this week. Thank you to everyone who helped us clean it up and thank you to the amazing supporters who helped put up new outdoor cameras. The organization who did this stated on social media that they are going to shut us down and they will be doing things like this over the next 40 days. People have tried to destroy us before but they just don’t know where we get our strength. Our strength comes from where our founding fathers got their strength, straight from the creator of the universe! We are celebrating this weekend with purpose of praying for those who persecute us, thankfulness and counting it all joy because we have been proven worthy of persecution.

Our nation was founded on the principle that our most basic rights — life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness — are God-given and sacred. Since then, America has strived (imperfectly at times) to live up to that ideal by protecting life and liberty in our country and around the world.

This Fourth of July we are celebrating life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The declaration of independence proclaimed all men are created equal and are endowed by their creator. Created in His image with unalienable rights for all.

The right to life is worth defending from fertilization to natural death because every life is valuable and worthy of protection. You can be a voice for life.

Independence Day is a celebration of freedom and independence. Our founders sacrificed everything for this nation, they gave their lives so we could live ours. They stood proud and brave in the name of freedom, and they fought and died to protect the right to life.

Will you stand with us as we work to protect the least of these and support their mothers and fathers? When you stand for life, we stand together, for the unalienable right to life.

You helped us stand up for a precious woman, who was really the least of these in society today, yet God deemed her baby valuable. When our nurse completed the ultrasound scan, it looked as though the baby was less than perfect with his club hands. Our team committed to pray and name this precious baby. Instead of bowing down to the world’s standard with the solution of abortion, we prayed for complete healing for the baby that his hands would be whole and healed.  Yesterday, our nurse Kathi called our precious client to see how she and the baby were doing. With joy in her voice, she told Kathi the news we were praying to hear. Her ultrasound came back perfect, the baby boy had 10 fingers, and nothing looked abnormal anymore! We are rejoicing over the life of this baby, as his life is forever changed! We have seen God do powerful miracles in our clinics over and over again and want to thank YOU for standing with us.

“Now the Lord is the Spirit; and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.”
2 Corinthians 3:17

This baby boy was created in God’s image and though society may have given up on him before he had a chance at life outside the womb, we stood on the Word of God and His promises.
Typically, when we feel like abortion is in the future for a mom and a baby that we see in our clinic, we take the time to name the baby, because we want the baby to have a name for eternity. We also pray for the baby, as we’re praying for the mom to see her value and the value of the life inside of her womb. We named this baby boy Graceson Elijah, which means God’s grace saves us. Join us in praying for him as he settles into his new adoptive home. Praise God with us that he will have life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, and be able to fulfill the call of God on his life!
Thank you for your continued support as you give the gift of Life this Fourth of July. Your financial contribution makes a difference in the lives of the least of these in our society. Please continue standing with us as we protect and claim that all men are created equal in their value. We know someday when you get to heaven you will see all these precious lives you have protected through this ministry just as our founding fathers will see all the lives they have protected.
Happy Independence Day. Let Freedom Ring!
Rachel & the Informed Choices Team

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Thank you for all the Love and Prayers,
The INFORMED CHOICES Life saving team