In the third week of legislative overtime, the Iowa Senate passed several bills before wrapping up business for the week on Monday afternoon, and the Iowa House did not come to the Capitol at all.  The legislative delays and long session are driven primarily by disagreement in the House Republican caucus over school choice. Just enough House Republicans are opposed to the governor’s school-choice bill (SF 2369) that the Iowa House has been unable to pass it. Negotiations between the Iowa Senate, Governor Reynolds, and the House continue as leadership works to find a path forward on school choice. Huge life news!
The biggest news story of the week was the leaked U.S. Supreme Court opinion that would overturn Roe v WadeWe covered what this means for Iowa and the country here, but please keep praying for the protection of Iowa’s mothers and unborn children! While this leaked opinion would be fantastic news for our country, Iowa’s own version of Roe v Wade will still stop us from protecting unborn babies in our state. That’s why Iowa’s pro-life community is advocating for the Protect Life Amendment to ensure judges cannot stand in the way of protecting babies.
In preparation for the day when we can protect unborn babies in Iowa, the pro-life community is also working on the More Options for Maternal Support (MOMS) bill to ensure that every pregnant girl and woman in Iowa has access to life-affirming assistance and support when she needs it most. Please encourage your representative to support the MOMS bill by clicking here!  This week’s Capitol Connection discuses the MOMS bill, the National Day of Prayer at the Iowa Capitol and more. Watch below:
Scandals in Iowa schools Even as school choice remains the most important legislative issue at the Capitol, two important scandals arose in Iowa schools in April. The first was the revelation that Iowa schools are intentionally skirting Iowa’s law against ideological indoctrination!   Then, last week, the Linn-Mar school board adopted a new policy allowing males into girls’ restrooms and locker rooms, requiring staff and students to use invented pronouns, and allowing male and female students to share bedrooms on school trips. But most pernicious of all, it hides the fact that these things are happening from parents, even when they are happening to their own children!  Iowa parents need the most school choice possible, and they need more transparency in schools. But we need your help to get the governor’s school-choice and transparency bill over the finish line! Please encourage your representative to support school choice by clicking this link!
Prayer at the Capitol On Thursday, The FAMiLY Leader hosted the National Day of Prayer in the Capitol Rotunda!  You can read more about the National Day of Prayer service and watch video of the day by clicking here. 
A bipartisan group of Iowa’s top elected officials, including Governor Reynolds, Attorney General Tom Miller, Auditor Rob Sand, and Lieutenant Governor Adam Gregg gathered to worship and pray to our God. Senate President Jake Chapman’s concluding prayer was especially inspiring, as he testified about his recent conversion to Christ, and the impact that last year’s National Day of Prayer made on him!  The FAMiLY Leader is having an impact on the policy our state adopts and on electing of godly officials in Des Moines and Washington, D.C., but even more importantly, on growing the family of Christ. You can learn more about the Church Ambassador Network and the ministry that it is doing here:  TFL-supported bills pass  On Monday, the Iowa Senate gave final approval to another TFL-supported bill: HF 2246 on provisional licenses for psychology graduate students. Our team registered in favor of the bill after an Iowa church started its own mental health counseling center and reached out to let us know how important this bill was to their ministry’s ability to serve more Iowans. Thank you to Rep. Joel Fry and Sen. Jeff Edler, who led the way in ensuring more Iowans will be served in Christian mental health programs in Iowa!  With the passage of HF 2246, 10 TFL-supported bills have now passed the Iowa General Assembly and made it to the governor’s desk this session, the greatest number of bills we have ever helped to pass! But we still have more work to do!   One of the most important bills that could pass yet this year is the Church Freedom Bill, which would require our state to treat religious freedom as a fundamental constitutional right. HF 2437 responds to abuses we saw during COVID, where some states and cities closed churches, but left businesses like movie theaters and casinos open. The House passed a weaker version of the bill earlier this year, but the Senate can still pass a strong bill that would ensure religious freedom is protected in Iowa. Please click here to encourage your Senator to support the Church Freedom bill!  And we are continuing to fight the gambling omnibus bill that would allow gambling on video game tournaments and allow gambling in casinos using phone apps that will result in more ways to advertise to, draw in, and addict young gamblers.  Thank you for your continued support for The FAMiLY Leader as the legislative session moves into overtime. We will continue representing you at the Capitol no matter how long session may go! For the family, The FAMiLY Leader Team
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