Urgent news you need to know:

Redefining marriage and threatening churches:

We need you to let Sens. Chuck Grassley and Joni Ernst know you do NOT support the redefinition of marriage, and you do NOT support punishing nonprofits that stand for biblical marriage!

The United States Senate is currently considering a bill (HR 8404) deceptively named the “Respect for Marriage Act.” The bill would repeal the 1996 Defense of Marriage Act, which required the U.S. government to only recognize marriages between one man and one woman. Instead, this new [Dis]Respect for Marriage Act creates a new definition of marriage: whatever any state calls a marriage!

Not only would it require the United States, and each of the 50 states individually, to recognize so-called same sex “marriage,” but if even a single state recognizes polygamy (Utah recently decriminalized polygamy) or anything else as “marriage,” the federal government will recognize it AND require all 49 other states to recognize polygamy as “marriage.”

This is especially dangerous, because the bill gives activists the ability to sue Christian charities that partner with state governments, including those that assist with adoption services or foster care. If HR 8404 passes, these groups will face court orders to compromise their faith. HR 8404 even lays the framework to threaten the nonprofit status of churches and other nonprofits that hold to biblical teaching on marriage.

Please click here and encourage your senators to vote no on this dangerous bill!

Education – schools and obscenity:

Earlier this year, a Cedar Rapids school district passed a dangerous policy allowing men in women’s restrooms, requiring students and teachers to use made up pronouns, secretly “transitioning” students, and doing it all without informing parents! Last week, parents fought back by filing a lawsuit against the school board for unconstitutionally interfering with parental authority, and for violating First Amendment guarantees of free speech. School boards need to know that radical, ideological policies like what was enacted by the Linn Mar school board will harm kids and be challenged in court. Please stay vigilant and let us know if you see dangerous policies like these in your schools!

Also last week, the Iowa Board of Education refused to rule on an appeal by a parent trying to remove an obscene book from the West Des Moines school library available to 9th grade students. Despite graphically depicting oral sex, “Gender Queer” remains in the school library. The refusal of the West Des Moines school district and the state Board of Education to address this issue illustrates both the need for school choice and the need for clearer obscenity laws to protect children in our state.

Important life votes:

Finally, there were two important life votes last week, one a defeat and the other a victory.

In Kansas an important, pro-life, state constitutional amendment failed Tuesday. The amendment would have corrected a radical Kansas Supreme Court ruling that invented a fundamental right to abortion in the Kansas Constitution. This ruling was even more extreme than Roe v Wade, threatening to legalize abortions up to birth and potentially requiring the state of Kansas to pay for them. The pro-life amendment that would have corrected this opinion was unfortunately defeated by a vote of 59%-41%. This means Kansans will continue killing unborn children and Kansas will become an abortion destination state for their neighboring states.

Then in a major victory Friday, Indiana lawmakers voted to pass a law protecting life beginning at conception! While the law unfortunately includes exceptions that will still allow some children to be aborted, it remains a major victory that will save thousands of lives! This is the first law protecting life at conception to pass since Roe v Wade was overturned, and we hope many more states will be as or even more bold in saving lives.

As we approach the November elections, please consider donating to The FAMiLY Leader and supporting our efforts to elect pro-life, pro-parental authority leaders!

For the family,

Chuck Hurley