Parental choice pushed to forefront as

Iowa schools boast breaking the law

This week, just as the Iowa Legislature passed into overtime amid tense negotiations over school choice, an explosive, undercover video revealed Iowa schools proudly confessing to breaking Iowa’s anti-indoctrination law.

Officials at multiple Iowa schools admitted plans to keep right on teaching critical race theory, white privilege, capitalism as a form of racism, and the 1619 Project … but call them by “different labels,” so parents and lawmakers don’t find out.


This week’s edition of TFL’s Capitol Connection includes not only the explosive video itself, but also TFL’s Chuck Hurley and Daniel Sunne breaking down what YOU can do about these schools’ outrageous confessions.

Click the image below to watch:

Parental choice in education

The biggest remaining issue at the Capitol (and the main reason for the longer session) is the governor’s school choice bill, SF 2369, which includes Student First Scholarships and increased school transparency.

The bill was passed by the Senate (with a few edits) in late March, but it has only advanced through subcommittee in the House. The bill would not only ensure parents have access to what is happening in their children’s classes, but also would provide thousands of parents the opportunity to pick the best education possible for their students, including private schools.

We are strongly in support of SF 2369, which will give more Iowa parents the ability to choose the school that best serves their kids’ needs. This takes on added urgency, now that we have a report showing that some Iowa schools are intentionally skirting our law against Critical Race Theory indoctrination. Parents need the opportunity to change schools when school officials won’t listen!

We need your help to get this bill over the finish line! Please encourage your representative to support school choice by clicking this link!

Attempted abortion

On Tuesday, the Iowa Senate gave final passage to an uncontroversial, but still important pro-life bill that ensures criminals in Iowa who attempt abortions on unwilling women can be put in prison.

While we continue working on laws to protect ALL unborn children in Iowa (stay tuned for important court rulings this summer from both the Iowa and United States Supreme Courts!), this bill addresses a real gap in our law. In 2017, the Iowa Court of Appeals used a bad reading of Iowa’s law to reverse the convictions of a man who beat and threatened his wife, forcing her to take abortion pills. HF 2372 will protect SOME women and unborn children, until we can protect ALL of them from abortion!

Thank you to Reps. Sandy Salmon and Mary Wolfe for introducing the bill, and to Sen. Jeff Taylor for managing it in the Senate! HF 2372 passed the House 97-0 and the Senate 47-0 and is now on its way to the governor’s desk!

More bills still need to pass

Several more good bills can still pass this year! The most important bill is the Church Freedom Bill, which would require our state to treat religious freedom as a fundamental constitutional right. HF 2437 responds to abuses we saw during COVID, where some states and cities closed churches, while leaving businesses such as movie theaters and casinos open. The House passed a weaker version of the bill earlier this year, but the Senate can still pass a strong bill that would ensure religious freedom is protected in Iowa. Please click here to encourage your Senator to support the Church Freedom Bill!

Another important priority that needs to pass this year is the More Options for Maternal Support (MOMS) bill, SF 2381, which would ensure that every new and expecting mother in Iowa has access to meaningful assistance and support when she needs it most. We believe this bill will not only support healthier mothers and children, but also will help our state reduce abortions! Please encourage your representative to support the bill by clicking here!

And we are continuing to fight the gambling omnibus bill that would allow gambling on video game tournaments and allow gambling in casinos using phone apps that will result in new ways to advertise and draw in gamblers, creating more and younger gambling addicts.

Thank you for your continued support of The FAMiLY Leader, as the 2022 session moves into overtime. We will continue representing you at the Capitol no matter how long session may go!

For the family,

The FAMiLY Leader Team