I wanted to take some time today to update you on a very important ruling that came from the Iowa Supreme Court today, June 17. The Court voted to overturn a 2018 Iowa Supreme Court decision that stated there was a “fundamental right” to abortion in the Iowa Constitution.
The majority opinion stated that the justices made a mistake in 2018, and as a result they overrule that opinion, meaning there is NO fundamental right to abortion. The decision did not go beyond that ruling in deciding what the new abortion standard would be in the state of Iowa, as the Iowa Supreme Court waits, along with the rest of the nation, on what the U.S. Supreme Court will decide.  This is, however, an incredible step forward for life in the state of Iowa and will have generational ramifications.  Here is the key quote from the Court opinion: “Although we overrule PPH II, and thus reject the proposition that there is a fundamental right to an abortion in Iowa’s Constitution subjecting abortion regulation to strict scrutiny, we do not at this time decide what constitutional standard should replace it.”  You can read the entire opinion here: www.iowacourts.gov/courtcases/14891/embed/SupremeCourtOpinion.   The Iowa Legislature will likely take up the Protect Life Amendment next legislative session, allowing the second required approval to take place. If the legislature chooses to pass the amendment, it will go to a vote by the people of Iowa. This amendment will provide further language that will bring more clarity to Iowa’s Constitution on the issue of abortion.  It is amazing how much has changed on this issue in such a short period of time. So many years of prayers are being answered. This generation very well could see the end of abortion. It is an honor to labor with you!