“I was arrested by the FBI Human Trafficking Taskforce…”
“What should have been a shameful experience was handled with such dignity and grace that it became a turning point for my life. The agents reminded me that no little girl wants to be a prostitute when she grows up. They opened my eyes to the effects my past had on my present life. From a young age, after enduring a sexual assault, I came to believe that God put women on this earth to satisfy men. I never told anyone, instead entering into a pattern of unhealthy relationships where I gave all of me in hope of love in return. At age 20, I made a bad choice to travel with a couple who seemed genuine, fun and safe. In less than one year, I was taught everything about the sex industry, including that my safety, livelihood and shelter all depended on my participation and profits. I walked away from this situation pregnant and with no visible scars. Over a decade, I had given birth to six children, all of which are now being raised in different homes because my scars were inside, and I remained prisoner to them until 2019. After a failed suicide attempt, I realized I wanted to live, and I wanted to live free from the bondage I kept myself in. God blessed me with another chance at an abundant life—and one as a capable mother to my seventh child.
  Today I am blessed to be two years free from exploitation and raising my own child.

Only by Jesus’ divine healing power, the support of so many people—some of who believed in me without even knowing my name—and the courage to leave all behind and finally learn to trust do I stand here today. I’ve been a resident at Garden Gate Ranch for almost a year and a half now. I was welcomed into a safe home with a loving staff. My time here has taught me to trust others and myself. My past is not my identity! I am going to take with me the knowledge of who I am and whose I am. The great gift I’ve received while at Garden Gate Ranch is the ability to dream. I no longer live just to survive. I can see past the present day and the current week. I know that with God, I have a purpose and a future.”         -A Ranch House Resident   This resident is one of many who need the help and hope offered at Garden Gate Ranch. Her story is her own, but it echoes the traumatic themes of so many across our nation and our state. Garden Gate Ranch is a ministry built to alter the trajectory of lives by the hope and healing found in Christ’s love. Without your love, prayers and financial support, we would not have a safe home or a loving staff to greet survivors of sexual exploitation and usher them into freedom. Our ability to serve women in need by offering therapies, job-trainings, academics and the like is solely due to the support of our community. As we seek to sustainably and continuously serve mothers and their children, may we ask you to prayerfully consider a generous year-end gift? All gifts empower and supply this ministry with every service necessary to grow healthy mothers and positively impact generations to come. From all of us here at Garden Gate Ranch, thank you for your prayers and your financial support of the precious families we serve. We want to wish you and yours a very blessed Thanksgiving full of gratitude, joy, and love.