Today was an historic day in the United States and an answer to many prayers prayed by each of us for nearly 50 years. It was almost hard to believe it when we read it this morning: “Roe v. Wade has been overturned.” The U.S. Supreme Court no longer recognizes a constitutional right to abortion, paving the way for perhaps half of the U.S. states to make abortion illegal.
So what does this mean for us in Iowa?Abortion is still legal in Iowa after 20 weeks.

There is no longer a constitutional right to abortion in Iowa after a decision from the Iowa Supreme Court last week to overturn a previous, 2018 Iowa Supreme Court decision.

The Iowa Legislature will likely pass the Protect Life Amendment next year, sending the amendment to a vote by the people. If passed, this will bring stronger protection to Iowa’s Constitution, preventing future courts from recognizing a “right” to abortion.

The Iowa Legislature can now pass laws restricting abortion with no obstacles from federal courts and wait to see how the Iowa Supreme Court rules on restrictions. As the nation and Iowa legally moves into the post-Roe era, we must as well. That begins by:Praying for healing in our nation.

Protecting our crisis pregnancy centers’ property and workers, as staff are in danger of backlash across the nation.

Finding more and more ways to care for women in crisis pregnancy.

And establishing a legal system that truly protects life. I pray for you, our communities, and nation in these coming days. Today, let us rejoice in the righteousness we witnessed in our nation.