March was a busy month, and I want to update you on several key meetings. I will provide a separate email on several of our policy initiatives at the Iowa Capitol, as well as an update on a recent Iowa Supreme Court ruling.

Pastor Visits: We are so thankful for all the pastors who have traveled to Des Moines for the 2022 legislative session. We are approaching 200 pastor visits this year, bringing us over 2,000 visits to the Iowa Legislature since we began in 2015. Our goal is to continue to build on this foundation to pour into our governing authorities as people, shepherds, and partners in meeting community needs. As session nears a close, our work will continue into the executive branch throughout the year.

Faith Baptist Bible students: Last week, we were blessed to host over 20 Faith Baptist Bible College students at the Iowa Capitol. The day began with a lesson on what the Bible says on government and how God shows us to interact with it. The day continued with a time to apply what they learned by meeting with a member of the House and Senate from two different political parties. We were very encouraged by our time with these students.

Arizona: Several weeks ago, I had the opportunity to travel to Arizona to spend some time with my colleague, Chris St. John, who is doing a phenomenal job with the Church Ambassador Network in Phoenix. We were blessed to meet with legislators from both chambers and from both political parties, as well as meet with the director of the Department of Child Safety. Chris and his team have done an excellent job sowing the Word and preparing the ground for church-and-state partnerships.

Attorney General Tom Miller: Last week, several eastern Iowa pastors, Denise, and I were blessed to have time with Attorney General Tom Miller. Our time included time in God’s Word, prayer, sharing the work churches are doing in eastern Iowa, and a discussion around the opioid crisis. We also discussed the role church planting can play in helping fill our many job vacancies in Iowa. As always, we were very encouraged by our time with AG Miller.

Director Garcia: The same day we met with AG Miller, we connected with HHS Director Kelly Garcia. As usual we began the time in the Word and prayer. Our discussion centered on the importance of the role churches play in our communities, where we can better serve together, and an overall discussion of the foster-care policy changes we have been working on together. We are so grateful for the HHS director’s heart to work with Iowa churches.

National Day of Prayer: The FAMiLY Leader Foundation will again be hosting the National Day of Prayer event at the Iowa Capitol on Thursday, May 5, at 11:30 a.m. It will feature a time of worship and prayer with our statewide leaders. Those confirmed to join us in prayer are Gov. Kim Reynolds, Lt. Gov. Adam Gregg, and Des Moines Chief of Police Dana Wingert. More have been invited. We will keep you posted as the date draws near.