Dear Ones,


Spring is peeking around the corner.

Days of “Opening doors” are upon us.

Open the doors! Get on out there! God has prepared you!

My personal belief is that God has given us this past time to recharge,

prepare and make ready to transition to all that He has equipped us for.

Jane’s link later in this email alludes to that as well.

“Step into the fullness!” “Declare the will of God on the earth!”

Please click the link in the newsletter and hear all that Jane has to say about it.

If you are looking for a good starting point for intercessions, let me encourage you to join our Regional Leader Dana Enright, all the Regional SPC’s, and intercessors from all around the North Central Region on our Saturday morning prayer call. The call begins at 9:15 and runs for an hour. What a wonderful way to connect with each other and pray together in unity. The prayer time is guided by Dana, and you will not be required to pray out loud unless you want to. Hoping to meet you there!

You can join the call by dialing; 712.775.7031  Code 219949#

FYI – Dana Enright will be speaking in Sioux City Aglow on April 27th. Stay tuned for more details.

My favorite resource for intercession for the government of the United States of America is Intercessors for America. On this site, you will find multiple ways to pray for, declare over, and connect with your congressmen and women. Frankly, this site has made if very easy for our voices to be heard. I encourage you to join in – we cannot give up now!

The house and senate are now voting over the Equality Act, concerning acceptance of several things regarding LBGQT persons.  The results of accepting this bill, would be far reaching, and extremely damaging, in more ways than those visible at this time. Please read, pray, and ACT! Contact to your leadership can be made right there on the page.

You can read about the Equality Act here.

You can read the actual bill here.

I would also like to remind you to research your LOCAL politicians.

If their ideas do not align with yours, then the primaries in 2022 will be the time to vote them out.

Voting them out in the primaries will give much better possibility to have any changes needed in the 2024 elections.

Start now!

Love and prayers to each of you!


Deborah Iliff

Iowa State Prayer Coordinator

Aglow International


March 2021
Global Prayer Targets

Dear Deborah,

A Door Opened to the Future

This is an excerpt from a letter by Jane Hansen Hoyt. Go to Aglow is an Eternal Ministry for the complete letter.

Some years ago, at an Aglow conference, Dutch Sheets gave us a key to open doors no man can shut, and close doors no man can open. I believe that key is for us in this hour. It wasn’t just a word for that conference. It’s a Word that God has spoken to you as a leader; to you over your Aglow, to your nation, to your region. This is a time He has purposed for the doors to be open that no man can shut. And to shut doors no man can open.

Aglow is an Eternal Ministry. An eternal ministry is any ministry, or person called by God throughout history that has played an eternal part in God’s ultimate plan. That’s anyone of us! If He’s called us and we’ve said yes, we have played a part individually and corporately in His eternal plan. Aglow is an everlasting ministry. It’s eternal in value. It is as important as when the women came to the tomb of Jesus intending to anoint His body. The stone was rolled away and Jesus was gone. New life had already been released. The door opened to the future.

There is a door that has been opening and is now opened. I know our hand has been on the door handle. This is the time of preparation and transition into the calling Dutch delivered to us when he handed the key to me for Aglow and said that we’ve been called into The Third-Day Great Awakening. It’s the future.

  • Lord, You said You have given us a Key to open doors no man can shut, and close doors no man can open. Isaiah 22:22
  • Lord, we take the Key You have given us to close the doors of past hindrances, illnesses, weakness and intimidation.
  • Lord, we take the Key You have given us to open the door of Your promise in our lives, in our nations. By Your power and anointing, we open the door to the future!

God Has Given You Air Supremacy! Heaven to Earth Declarations to Propel the Kingdom

The apostolic, prophetic, praying church around the world has now established air supremacy over the enemy. You have air supremacy! Now go deal with the enemy and relentlessly drop “bombs” from the Heavenlies on him until he is no longer able to resist you. – Dutch Sheets at the Aglow Jubilee Conference.

In aerial warfare, air supremacy is the highest level of dominance when one side holds complete control of the skies. God has given us this domination over the works of the darkness in the earth. Decree the Kingdom of Heaven into the nations! Drop spiritual missiles that defeat the works of darkness on earth.

Air Supremacy over COVID-19 – Coronavirus

  • Continue to stand in faith, as those who carry Air Supremacy in prayer, to release protection, healing and solutions from Heaven to earth.
  • Stand in the authority we have been given by Almighty God to form a spiritual firewall against the coronavirus (COVID-19)
    • We declare shalom over people and cities that will displace fear. We have not been given a spirit of fear – but of power and love and a sound mind. (2 Tim. 1:7).
    • We draw the line as kingly priestly intercessors and declare that this virus will go no farther (Job 38:11)
    • Declare wisdom, truth and solutions from Heaven to earth for treatments and preventatives to remove the threat of COVID-19
    • To COVID-19 throughout the world, we decree, “Stop! No more!”
  • Pray for people you know who are suffering from COVID-19. If you are suffering, receive your healing as we pray.
    • Lord, You said . . . Jesus carried my sin to the cross and by His stripes, I am healed. – I Peter 2:24
    • Lord, You said . . . Jesus came to destroy ALL the works of the devil. – I John 3:8
    • Lord, You said . . . YOU will restore my health and heal my wounds. – Jeremiah 30:17
    • Lord, You said . . . my faith makes me well. I can go in peace and be healed of ALL sickness. – Mark 5:34

Game Changers Healing Cards

  • Celebrate the fruitfulness in Aglow ministry throughout the world through this trying time. Thank You Lord, for Your faithfulness to give creative ideas for ministry and anointing to overcome the obstacles. Praise to You Lord for people who have come into salvation, for feeding the hungry and healing the sick. Lord, we celebrate new Aglow groups that have been birthed in the past year. We surround them with prayer and proclaim growth.

For more on new growth in Aglow, go to 2021 European Leaders Summit

Aglow in the Gates of Nations

We are praying for Aglow to be affiliated in every nation of the world. We are very close to reaching that goal. Let’s continue to move forward together, a company of champions and global leaders of significance, to see Every nation touched, every heart changed.

This month pray especially for: Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kiribati, North Korea, Kuwait

Pray that more would hear the call to “go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation” and then answer the call with “yes, Lord. Send me!”

  • Pray for passion to fulfill Jesus’ apostolic commission to establish the Kingdom of God in the nations.
  • Pray that an Aglow Prayer Group will be established in the capital cities of these nations.
  • Pray for Aglow to establish powerful Kingdom Communities founded on the fullness of Christ in these nations.
  • Pray there is an opening for Aglow International to cultivate a presence in this nation that creates an atmosphere of celebration, impartation and restoration.
  • Pray for Christians in these nations to grow in courage and an overcoming spirit
  • Pray also for these nations where Aglow has a presence. Pray for a greater influence for the Kingdom of Heaven. Pray for new leaders to arise, and pray for younger generations as they respond to the call of leadership in Aglow.

EuropeItaly, Kosovo, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Moldova, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Republic of Nagorno-Karabakh

Nancy McDaniel

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Nancy McDaniel
Prayer Director
Aglow International
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