Dear amazing Iowa Intercessors Over World Affairs (IOWA),

After communicating with many prophetic Iowa voices we all know and trust, it was agreed that it is time for Iowa intercessors statewide to come together at a central location to seek and consult with the Lord Jesus Christ as to how and what He wants us to pray for as our nation goes deeper and deeper into darkness, division, and confusion.

Has there ever been a more critical time in our lifetime where all we relied on in this nation is in process of being shaken to the core? One thing we can conclude as secular people are going into panic mode: God’s harvest is about to explode in growth. The time is NOW for His Iowa intercessors to unite statewide and come into agreement as we seek His face for that harvest to be reaped. We’re talkin’ 500,000 souls as was prophesied for Iowa! There used to be a welcome to Iowa billboard on Interstates 35 and 80 that read, “Iowa, you make me smile”. Let’s go for God’s Smile as we love each other, praying in harmony for the will of the Lord to happen in our state. This clarion call I am sending to every Iowa intercessor I know of, from Iowa’s Houses Of Prayer, to Bible Reading Marathon participants, to Family Leader, to the 86 Saturday 9am prayer warriors, even to Des Moines’ pastors prayer group (Gatekeepers).

So let us gather together on Saturday, July 16, from 2 pm to 5 pm, and seek the Lord in worship, intercession, and exhortation. We are humbling ourselves before Him, and asking the Lord Jesus to speak to us. The location is Heart Of Iowa House Of Prayer, 303 North Main, Laurel. This is located 10 miles south of Marshalltown on Highway 14.